Must read: “What your favorite Dead song says about you”

What your favorite Dead song says about you   (Slate Magazine) Hilarious, and too close to the mark for some (including a whole bunch of my contemporaries at “a small liberal arts college in upstate NY”).  I’ll admit that I never “got” the Dead.  And possibly never got over having to explain that a radio show called “Dead at the Controls” would not contain any Dead…

1000 songs everyone must hear

Including sections on “Love”, “Heartbreak” and “People and Places”. If you have Javascripting on you can check off the ones you like and then generate html to insert into your own blog etc… 1000 songs everyone must hear | Music | .

Beyond Gossip, Good and Evil

Jay Smooth over at Ill-Doctrine gives space to Elizabeth Mendez Berry to expand on the remarks she made when he interviewed her about the Rhianna / Chris Brown idiocy. The video interview from several weeks back is worth a look, but the new piece she just wrote is even better. Nuanced, clear, well researched and reported, and some truly horrifying stats about intimate partner violence in the US…. Beyond Gossip, Good and Evil and Illdoc at SXSW.

Obama Administration Declares Proposed IP Treaty a National Security Secret

SO, get ready to have you ISP monitor your traffic on behalf of the RIAA and to have your iPod checked at the border… (Obama Administration Declares Proposed IP Treaty a National Security Secret | Threat Level from Perhaps we should start a service where people can upload pictures of their record collections so that you could show the border guard a picture of some collection and say “See, I really do own all of the items on my mp3 player.”

The Hardcore Continuum

It’s that man Reynolds again. This time with an eloquent and informative breeze through his approach to the last 20 years of UK ‘ardcore. Remarkably readable and fascinating. Energy Flash – The Hardcore Continuum Theory and Its Discontents The text of a talk by Simon Reynolds delivered at FACT, Liverpool, Wednesday 11th February 2009.  PLUS notes for points to be brought up during the dialogue segment with Mark Fisher but weren’t owing to time running out PLUS afterthoughts on the past, present and future of the hardcore continuum

What is your sampling epiphany?

An unofficial compilation of tracks sampled by Massive Attack showcases the group’s aesthetic through the songs that informed it – and provides fans with the thrill of discovering the originals. (Simon Reynolds at The Guardian, UK)

The Damnwells Let ‘Er Rip

The Damnwells, possibly the hardest-working band you’ve never heard of, have decided to give it all away, here. They play Live at The Mercury Lounge, April 4th.

Bruce’s Not So Great As They Say New Disc

Bruce Springsteen – Working On A Dream From Springsteen we’ve come to expect, if not outright demand, the rich, multi-hued detail of every moment, making ‘Working On A Dream’s weird one: It sounds real good but what does it mean? Springsteen has always taken his heralded influences and made them work for him but here he works for them and, opposite his granite rep, doesn’t always get the job done. If these dark ages really were the old radio glory days his writing harkens back to, “My Lucky Day” and the CCR-ish title track would deservedly be blasting from every…

The Deceptive Perfection of Auto-Tune

Unusually cogent discussion of AutoTune on Slashdot. Including notions of “authenticity” in music.  Slashdot | The Deceptive Perfection of Auto-Tune Can we at least agree that too much use of *any* musical “trick” can become annoying?

Dan Wilmer Poop 08

Best Records:   Buy New or Used via Amazon Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend This album brings me back to days of tapping kegs and watching bands play on the beach at Fairfield University. College pop, in the best way. Love the way that it evokes Paul Simon in songs like Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa and early Police in others like The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance – super songwriting and great beats. Caught them at the Bowery Ballroom earlier in the year and had a blast.   Buy New or Used via Amazon 2. The Virgins – Virgins Though…

Tom Whalen Poop 08

Top 25 favorites from the year proper Buy New or Used via Amazon Buy New or Used via Amazon Buy New or Used via Amazon 1 Earth – The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull (Southern Lord) 2 James Blackshaw – Litany of Echoes (Tomkins Square) 3 Grails – Doomsdayer’s Holiday / Take Refuge in Clean Living EP (Temporary Residence/Important) [2008 was the first year since I was in high school that I devoured more past music than current jams (see below). Unenthused by the sterile, finished-off hype-pop that has f(l)attened most year end round-ups (Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes,…

Q: What happens at the record fair?

A: A lot of men venture further from their goal of having plentiful sex by looking for records that quite often sing about plentiful sex. The Psycho-Geography of Record Fairs – Utrecht, WFMU and London Olympia (Johan Kugelberg – Perfect Sound Forever)

You’ve Got Poop 08!

Dear POOPster: Yes we can . . . be POmpous and OPinionated. Come hell or high gas prices, a sputtering economy with the fuel light on, and corporate bailouts (where there should have been corporate-types out on bail), 34 POOPsters have still weighed in. Call this your musical stimulus package. For the last twenty-two years, these pages have recognized the creativity, imagination and originality expressed on turntables and in CD players. But it’s quite possible that what America did on November 4th trumped music in terms of creativity, imagination and originality. Life imitates POOP. It’s been a long time comin’…