Official vid for Rusko “Woo Boost” – @MadDecent blows it again?

Mad Decent just posted this, the official vid for one of our favourite choons from the last 14 months, “Woo Boost” by Rusko:

They are readying release of his first full length “O.M.G.” for May 2010 and this will be the first single. As is the norm these days (and especially at Mad Decent), there will be a ton of collaborators on the project. The hope, obviously, is that his over the top, almost frat-boy, version of the noisy and wobbly end of dubstep will make it through to the US dancefloor and pop massive. Hey, if anyone can do it, he can.

But what about this vid? Directors Pomp&Clout have apparently found the video processing button labeled “Make-It-Look-Like-A-Tenth-Generation-Bootleg-Of-A-Video-Recorded-Off-Night-Flight-from-USA’s-Up-All-Night-in-1984”. then they threw in a couple of seizure inducing backgrounds from The Shamen or possibly Sunscreem in 1992

One thing is for sure, nothing else will look like this for several years. Which will make this stand out like nothing else. I dunno if that is enough to put it over the top tho…

The dedicated Pooplist reader(s) will know that we hyped the Major Lazer record to death and also mentioned many of the ML videos. We’ve been commensurately disappointed by the lack of uptake on those, can this version of Rusko do any better? We fear not.

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