World Cup fever yields fun mixes from unlikely(?) source

The Fader / Nike present Pitch Perfect Mixtape #1 - South Amaerica - By Maga Bo Using the World Cup as a peg, The Fader magazine and Nike Sportswear (?) have teamed up to bring us a series of music mixes. The series is called Pitch Perfect and it includes six mixes of music from various continents sending teams to the World Cup. So far we’ve seen mixes from South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. An African mix will be released at the start of the World Cup proper.

Each mix is put together by a different DJ and they are quite amusingly consistent in the dance vibe. Actually, it’s sometimes a little disturbing to me how consistent they are. Once you get past the stand-out (South American) mix by Maga Bo, the sound is mostly uptempo euro cut-up with small amounts of the current bass-y dubstep trend thrown in.

On the other hand, one could see it as an interesting experiment. I suppose one might read it as a journey to see how musicians from around the world can be shoehorned into a singular sound.

Could this be the sound of the world?

Each mix comes with a tracklist and individual artwork and they can all be found at

Especially recommended if you think you only have a small amount of attention or a short time to devote to “dance” music.

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