Pooplists 2020

Main Poop Analysis 2020

Behold the 34th Annual POOPlist . . . or How I Spent My Pandemic. This year’s POOP documents what might be called the very best records of the very worst year. But for a year steeped in such sheer and utter shititude, there somehow managed to be a surprisingly ample amount of inspired music (as noted by a few people). So, if you would, allow POOP34 to provide a tincture of balm during this long slog toward whatever the next normal turns out to look like. At least there is comfort to be found that Trump is mostly gone and vaccines are mostly here, so there are those flags to mostly rally around. In the words of Nostratownshend, let us hope that ’21 is gonna be a good year. This year 19 POOPsters decided that making lists was as a good a way to kill quarantine time as anything else.

Jim Meyers Poop 2020

I’m just going to skip this part. All things must pass. — — — — Pernice Brothers, The Beths, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit-Reunions, Fiona Apple, Pup, Dogleg, Fontaines DC, Districts, Jeff Rosenstock, Brian Fallon

Scott Dellamore Poop 2020

twentytwenty was super weird, amiright?!?! music was cool though. i’ve spent my time relearning how to do my job–thanks to the pandemic–so there was little time to be witty or thoughtful with describing why I loved my top five, or ten. i’ll simply say that my number 1 is perfect; every song is absolutely perfect. and my number 2 was my most played record of the year. everything else on the list is also wonderful, but i’m certain i forgot a few things. oh, well. cheers for the vaccine. yay, Science. hoping we can see live music some time before the end of the year. be easy!

John Lefsky Poop 2020

You would think that I’d have more time to listen to music, ya know, since my store sank after hitting the covid iceberg. At the store I tended to play one record a few times in a row, and it would work itself into my brain.

At home I tend to listen to the radio more, or watch a movie. So most of my list are records that I really like but have only listened to a few times/ Plus, my cd player and turntable both started to fail about the same time. I rectified that, but it was kinda late in the game, so most of my listening tended to be last minute.

I figure everyone else is gonna do the political rearview, so I’m just gonna plunge ahead. Also, not having the store made getting music a bit harder. I have gotten some entire albums via Youtube. I have ordered a few things directly from labels and I’ve supported Bandcamp Fridays.

Jim Finnigan Poop 2020

What a year. First the Chump virus sent the country to the hospital, then Chump’s insurrection tried to send the country to the funeral home. — With the pandemic and lockdown essentially gutting the concert industry, and even record stores shuttered because they were ‘non-essential’, my sources for new music / inspiration were muzzled. What to do? Well, I decided to immerse myself in my collection, to revisit and investigate things that had kinda fallen into disuse for one reason or another. I would think that this audience wouldn’t be interested in me writing about revisiting my collection (or, you can go back and read my past PoOp posts thanks to Zip’s website). But, wouldn’t ya know, I couldn’t absolutely avoid listening to new stuff. Even if it was just new releases from my old favorites, or maybe even their sons and daughters. And eventually, there have been some gigs that started opening up, as well as getting back to the record shops (those that survived – RIP Jack’s Rhythms).

Mark Rosen Poop 2020

My POOP DISC-CLAIMER (disc-lamer?): To only slightly-misquote Homer Simpson, that was the suckiest sucky year that ever sucked. While music will never be the first, second or hundredth thing I think of when I look back with, er, 2020 hindsight, this actually was a pretty good year for inspired music, most (but not all) recorded before March. The lion’s share of my selections are in some way steeped in older music, updated or re-examined for the present, but I’ve listed far fewer re-issues or expanded editions than usual. Pandemics work in mysterious ways.

Jay Stewart Poop 2020

2020 was a shitshow, but at least it ended with Florida Man being removed from office. Though he was going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the White House. Well I am not going to spend my time gloating because that’s what the supporters of the Cheeto-Faced Ferret Wearing Shitgibbon did for the past few years. I am more concerned about cleaning up the mess we have and getting things right again.
On to my top 10. But in a crazy world? It was comforting to know there was a new Borat movie and an AC/DC album which sounded like an AC/DC album. Still I hope that COVID – 19 doesn’t kill live music and rock music. We will be stuck with shut-ins who mumble to beats recorded an iPad. I’m just as appalled by that as the prospect of a Trump presidency.

Don Cohen Poop 2020

Albums That Helped Me Get Through 2020 or Thank God For Music — Allman Betts Band, Bob Dylan, Bonny Light Horseman, Bruce Springsteen, Caleb Caudle, Dion, Gordon Lightfoot, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Lucinda Williams, Mammals,

Duncan Clark Poop 2020

Bob Dylan, Butch Walker, Steve Earle & the Dukes, Peat & Diesel, Songhoy Blues, Drive by Truckers, Bruce Springsteen, Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit, Neil Young, Rolling Blackouts C. F.

Eric Fine Poop 2020

Hello world. Anything new happen recently? I will leave pandemic/political discussion for another time, as I am sure we are all sick of talking about it. What I will say is the drugs must be working because I am encouraged that we are headed in the right direction and contrary to just about every other year I have been “POOPing”, I actually found a bunch of solid releases this year. With that, here goes.

Mark Zip Poop 2020

Róisín Murphy, Nick Cave, Fabric presents Chase & Status, Yello, Tara Clerkin Trio.HAIM, Run the Jewels, Four Tet, Fontaines D.C., Phoebe Bridgers, Cabaret Voltaire, Soccer Mommy, Grimes, Disclosure, The Orielles, Ninja Tune on Repeat playlist, The Avalanches,

Bob Lukomski Poop 2020

Any ST: Voyager fans out there? Remember that episode where Eric Foreman’s dad kept trying to rewrite history so he wouldn’t lose his Kitty from another planet, but kept making things worse? …“Year of Hell”… No magic Janeway reset for us tho’ – besides, then there would be the possibility of these releases not even existing…
(Again, my critera – It came out and I bought a physical copy in 2020.)

Matt Nerney Poop 2020

Well. I don’t think anybody will be waxing nostalgic about 2020 any time soon, so I certainly won’t start here. Let it suffice to say that I did listen to a LOT of new music this year and that is always a good thing. Also, I can’t wait for January 20 … a new beginning!

Mike Jurkovic – Poop 2020

my new book and cd AmericanMental arrived in March with the virus. so it’s been a seriously ironic year for me. but despite my particular circumstance, here we are on the heels of Annus Horriblis still clinging to traditions both minuscule and grand, like pOOp 2020 and I’ve something to painfully and willfully confess: I can’t listen to whatever modern pop or rock n roll is anymore. Truly, truly don’t care. Never thought I’d say that being so astute to the ch-ch-changes, so I’m not even going to try and bluff you. I’m going to list what got me through our perilous surge towards tyranny and affliction and move along to next year when the two Marks, who beat at the heart of this unscrupulous amalgam of obsession and obsfucation, hopefully email me to ask kindly, hey what you got this year dude?