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If you go to live gigs, it’s never too soon to wear hearing protection

A post from 2009 at allows you test at which frequency your hearing loss starts. I wish I had learned my lesson earlier than I did. I went to see Tackhead and Georgia Satellites in the same weekend (Spring 1990?). I’ve worn earplugs ever since. The page has a bunch of frequencies ranging from 8 kHz to 22 kHz and you play each of them until you cannot hear one. I can hear 16 kHz, but not higher. How about you?

Fancy yourself a DJ? Don’t have space for gear? PDJ Portable Disc Jockey is for you

The annual NAAM show is on, and that means all sorts of vendors showing all sorts of new ways to play the Electric Slide to grannies at weddings. Engadget has details of an interesting hand-held mixer featuring touchscreens and buttons both. Hit the link below for more details and hands-on video. PDJ Portable Disc Jockey is a complete DJ system that fits in your pocket, we go hands-on video.

Top Ten Awkward Electric Daisy Carnival Dance Move GIFs

The proverb may say “Dance like nobody’s watching…” but I’m sorry to say that we all take that advice too seriously at times. And some of these folks just don’t care. Bless their hearts. See a bunch more delights at Top Ten Awkward Electric Daisy Carnival Dance Move GIFs – Village Voice – Sound of the City.

Now *this* is a guitar wankfest I can get behind

Ben Lapps was in his mid-teens when this was made. There’s a few things I really like about it. The first is the way he hears the request, pauses, thinks about it, looks down at the guitar and kid of shrugs his shoulders and begins. The second is the fun he’s having, most guitar wankers are so serious and look as if they are passing gas or something worse. The third delight is the apparent obliviousness of the roadies setting up the equipment behind him. Ben Lapps playing Going to California via YouTube Most music fans are sensible enough to…

Radiohead live at Roseland Ballroom – New York, NY 2011-09-28

Radiohead live at Roseland Ballroom – New York, NY 2011-09-28 – Core News. Via Core News. Not Thomas’s usual fare, but might be of interest to the mystifyingly large number od Poopsters who are fans. I have not listened to it, so I cannot speak to the quality.  And who knows if it will still be up by the time they see this.

Robyn at Radio City Music Hall – Feb 5 2011

Robyn at Radio City Music Hall – Feb 05 2011 The crowd was absolutely fabulous. There were light-up swizzle sticks in the overpriced drinks. As Will said, the Gentlemen’s Lounge was probably the gayest place in town this night. When I came out of the stall I wanted to scream “enough with the skinny jeans, boys!” And at least one of them seemed to appreciate the prospect of a bit of upstate rustic rough. I was flattered, but I think he was pretty far gone already. Robyn had two drummers and two keys and nothing else. They were definitely voice…

Live review – Ari Up Punky Reggae Birthday Party Benefit Memorial at Brooklyn Music Hall – Jan 16 2011

Contributing PoOPster Jim Finnigan writes: Jan 17 2011 – Brooklyn – What a great time was had by all at the Ari Up Punky Reggae Birthday Party Benefit Memorial at Brooklyn Music Hall last nite! Big Up! Right from the start I could tell it was going to be good. The DJ was playing classic On-U (Breaking Down the Pressure, Autobiography of the Dread Operator, Can’t Take Su Su Pon Dread) and other reggae (Baby I Love You So,

Captain Beefheart – A PoOPster remembers

An obit from the Guardian, UK   Captain Beefheart, who has died aged 69, was provocative and unpredictable | Music | The Guardian Our fellow PoOPSter, Jim Finnigan, sent along this fine remembrance of the famously prickly Don Van Vliet From: Jim Finnigan Subject: My Captain Beefheart experience Date: Friday, December 17, 2010, 11:39 PM I  saw Captain Beefheart perform 4 times but I met him once. It must have been in the fall of 1976, I hitchhiked from Albany to Poughkeepsie on a beautiful autumn day to meet a friend who lived in Po-town and catch a show by Beefheart…

The Grand Slambovians @ Bearsville Theater, Saturday, Nov 27 9pm

Fresh ‘n feisty from triumphantly advancing their contagious and quirky Americana from Glasgow to Penzance in ye olde UK, alt-roots DIY’ers Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams bring their haunting signature songs and sincerity back to the Hudson Highlands from whence it originated.  But myth is a must in the mind-space of  Slambovia, and Woodstock’s Bearsville Theater is pleased to loudly premiere the advent of  “The Grand Slambovians”  which is both the band’s latest reincarnation and the title of their new soul stirring CD. Manically melodic, the bold new songs stitch to the band’s classics like an old…

The Trapps

  Saturday, November 13,  8pm  $10 Howland Cultural Center 477 Main Beacon, NY 12508 914-474-7758 For information and tickets, please visit Handicapped accessible.                    Limited seating.                        Geo-thermally heated & cooled. New Paltz’s nationally recognized roots band returns to rock the Grand Hall at Howland!

Review – Little Annie & Baby Dee at Joe’s Pub New York

Caught Little Annie & Baby Dee at Joe’s Pub New York on Sunday night 26 September. Good show. Annie was in good voice (and need I mention also nattily attired in a black pantsuit)(and the same shoes she’s wearing on the cover of Genderful) and even managed to go mezzo for a couplea bits – especially her soulful take on Stevie Wonder’s Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer. Other classic covers included Yesterday When I Was Young and her take on Tina Turner’s (+ Dire Strait’s) Private Dancer featuring some new herky-jerky dance moves. Annie’s take on these modern cabaret…

Brooklyn Record Riot, Sunday Sept 26th

at Warsaw 261 Driggs Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222 Hours: Noon-8 PM $3.00 regular admission $20.00 early admission from 10 am-noon Beer! Traditional Polish food. Eight massive DJs led by Phast Phreddie (yup, Phreddie who used to work at Rhino) 50plus tables of merchandise from 30plus cool dealers hailing from the USA and Canada. Public transportation: Warsaw is located near the L and G trains. The L train has a Bedford Avenue stop (the first stop in Brooklyn as you leave Manhattan). Exit on the Driggs Avenue side and make a right on Driggs and walk toward McCarren Park. Warsaw will…

Professor Louie & Special Guests

Friday, September, 24th    8pm     $15 Howland Cultural Center 477 Main, Beacon, NY 12508 For information and tickets, please visit Handicapped accessible.      Limited seating.                        Geo-thermally heated & cooled. About Professor Louie Tagged Prof. “Louie” by the late vocalist/bassist Rick Danko of The Band, our world travelin’, barrel-housin’ Professor co-produced, engineered and performed on The Band’s last three CD’s, “Jericho”, “High On The Hog” and “Jubilation”. A highly touted multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, other production credits include Danko’s “Live On Breeze Hill” & “Times Like These”; The David Nelson Band’s Visions’ Under The Moon, and “The Sea To The North” by Garth…

BBC coverage of Sonar 2010 – Includes DJ sets (Joy Orbison!), songs, interviews

The Sonar festival in Barcelona has become a vital part of the European festival circuit. And by far the most important to the exposure of new electronic-based music. Billed as a festival of “Advanced Music and Multimedia Art”, the booking ranges far and wide (ie. it’s not just banging house and trance, or even just “dance” music) and the organizers ask various luminaries to curate various sections. In keeping with the multimedia aspect of the festival, the BBC has put together a series of audio snapshots of the event. Each picture in the Flash window sits over a link to…

MAH, FlyLo, Roska, Joy Orbison – Sonar 2010 – Video

The Beeb has just posted a quick 8 minute video with Mary Anne Hobbs talking to the cats she brought with her to the Sonar Festival in Barcelona – Joy Orbison, Roska and Flying Lotus. Includes footage from the stage also. Of note: Flying Lotus making a point of mentioning the importance, to him, of playing Weather Report in his set. Yes, Weather Report. I knew that I was right to be so confused by his Cosmogramma record.

PoOP-associated live music shows coming up in the Hudson Valley

A long-standing PoOPster, Mike J, is curating/putting together/hyping/ slaving over a series of interesting looking shows at the Howland Cultural Center in Beacon NY. We’ll push an update closer to each of the shows, but here are the details in case you wanna get a jump. Seating is limited, so it might be a good idea… The Howland Cultural Center is at 477 Main Street, Beacon NY 12508 914-474-7758 Prices vary by show, but seating is always limited. Tickets for The Howland Cultural Center are here Saturday, August 22, 8pm Marilyn Crispell, Solo Piano Only 2009 HV appearence $25.00…