Main Poop Analysis 2022

Dear POOPsters:
Time to POOP. For the 36th consecutive year, we POmpous and OPinionated rut-stuck regulars have re-convened to share the fruits of our music habits. In all 21 have weighed in and tilted at internet windmills this year. Even a few prodigal POOPsters have returned to the fold. That’s pretty encouraging given all that’s happened in America this past year; at least our Right To Choose music remains intact even if little else does.

After fifteen separate ballots in the House of POOPresentatives, we have finally reached a consensus. I’ve once again employed the time-honored tabulation system, utilizing the customary What-The-Hell’s-He-Talking-About methodology. As always, I’ve given 2 points to each pompoid’s Top 10 choices and 1 point to each title beyond a Top 10 or in the variously designated ‘honorable mention’ categories (up to 25 titles in all; more than 25 means half-points). So much for the fine print.

The results to the 36th Annual POOPlist are hereby de-classified and presented below:

1 – WET LEG – Wet Leg        14 points (appearing on 7 of 21 lists)
2 – THE BEATLES – Revolver (Deluxe Edition)        9 (6) [appearing on main lists and re-issue designations]
3 – FONTAINES D.C. – Skinty Fia        11 (6)
4 – WILCO – Cruel Country        10½ (6)
5 – HORACE ANDY – Midnight Rocker        9 (5)
6 – ELVIS COSTELLO & THE IMPOSTERS – A Boy Named If         (5)
7 – THE SMILE – A Light for Attracting Attention        7 (5)
8 – SPOON – Lucifer on the Sofa         (4)
9 – ALVVAYS – Blue Rev        6 (4)
BRIAN ENO – ForeverAndForeverNoMore

Thanks once again to Mark Zip, Digital Extruder of POOP and the Man Behind the Curtain who gets this package out into the world. POOP could not exist without Zip and, and the website functions all the better with the help of donations that help offset his web fees (if you have not yet hit the ‘Donate’ button at the top of the homepage, please consider doing so, and thanks to all those who have contributed). Thanks, Mark Z.

Be well, all.

Mark Rosen
Speaker of the POOP

Richard Allen – Centerport, NY
Duncan Clark – Milton, NY
Don Cohen – New York, NY
Scott Dellamore – Pine Plains, NY
Eric Fine – New York, NY
Jim Finnigan – New Hamburg, NY
Micheal Fix – Pacific Ocean
Ron Hart – Ringwood, NJ
Michael C. Hodgkiss – Amity Harbor, NY
Mike Jurkovic – Wallkill, NY
John Lefsky – New Paltz, NY
Bob Lukomski – New Paltz, NY
Mike Miller – Cuba, NY
Jim Meyers – Kingston, NY
Matt Nerney – Grafton, NH
Mark Rosen – New Paltz, NY
Andrew Stewart – Rhinebeck, NY
Jay Stewart – Bloomington, NY
Bill Still – Kingston, NY
Dan Wilmer – Jersey City, NJ
Mark Zip – Woodstock, NY