About Poop

1987 – When the world was young. Pools of molten lava still bubbled here and there through the protean ooze of the Hudson Valley of New York.

A few hardy souls ventured forth and swapped hard-earned “cash” (small bits of paper and metal said, as a part of a consensual hallucination, to have “value”) for large flat plastic discs, a primitive music delivery device. Imagine, actual physical artifacts being used to store sound waves so that they would, on “playback” be turned into music.

Even back in those days human kind had the irresistible urge to quantify. Remember, this was before the days of ubiquitous Digg-bait lists like “Top 16 Uses for Navel Lint” and “11 Best-Ever Garbage Trucks”. This urge to list was harnessed into the Pooplist (Pompous and Opinionated Persons) by the Chief Pompoid, Mark Rosen. He gathered a few other fans of “vinyl” and said unto them “send me your musings and year-end favorite listings, and remember, spelling counts.”

Having urged his fellow Pompous Persons to commit their discharges thoughts to paper, having gathered up the precious tomes, he used a proprietary, unpatentable and highly improbable “scoring” system to corral the sludge delights into the earliest PoOPlist. From that early protozoa comes the list as you see it now; tens of contributors from several states, spending countless hours dreaming up ever more elaborate ways to stay ahead of the crowd and prove how hip and happening they are crafting lists designed to inform and intrigue.

Today the lists are published in Folio form and, in a somewhat grudging nod to modernity, on this Website. Submissions are invited from near and far.

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