There are two interesting things about this NYTimes.com article about Rock Music in 2011

The first is that Jon Caramanica has written a very interesting and well-considered piece about the mainstream US* rock scene in 2011. I’ve had quibbles with some of his pet projects over the years, but here he hits a home run. It really is difficult to overstate the malaise in US mainstream rock this year. A worthwhile read. The second interesting thing about this article on the web is the SEO and page title tuning which the NYT has used for this piece. The article is called “The Year When Rock Just Spun Its Wheels” and it lists a bunch…

OT – The White House Asks: Whats Blocking Innovation in America? – Answer: IP Laws

Groklaw is a very useful, very dense site covering the intersections of law and technology. PJ’s work has been invaluable in advancing understanding of the complexities of the ways in which law, and IP law in particular, influence the world we live in, the culture we consume and the technology we use to do it. From the article: The White House is asking us to give them ideas on what is blocking innovation in America. I thought I’d give them an honest answer. Here it is: Current intellectual property laws are blocking innovation. President Obama just set a goal of wireless access…

NYC Subways making music – mta.me

Conductor: www.mta.me from Alexander Chen on Vimeo. Impossibly cool! NYC Subway trains API describes art on screen and has a fun musical surprise too. Speeds up over time and is different each time you launch. Run it in multiple tabs for even more fun. Requires scripting, flash, HTML 5 and sound. MTA.ME.

OT: The most disingenuous TV spot ever?

I saw this spot during the Fulham / Man U match on Fox Soccer Channel today. I think it ran next to the ubiquitous Katy Perry ProActive spot. Anyway, the point is that there are plenty of youth oriented ad buys on the English Premiere League on FSC. And we know that soccer is a strong female sport in America. “Air has no prejudice. It does not carry the opinions of a man faster than those of a woman. Does not filter out an idea because I am sixteen and not 30. Air is unaware if I am black or…

1000 songs everyone must hear

Including sections on “Love”, “Heartbreak” and “People and Places”. If you have Javascripting on you can check off the ones you like and then generate html to insert into your own blog etc… 1000 songs everyone must hear | Music | guardian.co.uk .

Beyond Gossip, Good and Evil

Jay Smooth over at Ill-Doctrine gives space to Elizabeth Mendez Berry to expand on the remarks she made when he interviewed her about the Rhianna / Chris Brown idiocy. The video interview from several weeks back is worth a look, but the new piece she just wrote is even better. Nuanced, clear, well researched and reported, and some truly horrifying stats about intimate partner violence in the US…. Beyond Gossip, Good and Evil and Illdoc at SXSW.