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January 2018 Dear POOPster: Yes, POOP has undergone its own partial shutdown this year. I’m referring to the fact that hard-copy analog POOP has gone the way of the typewriter, the rotary phone and voting rights in Georgia. Fortunately the 32nd Annual POmpous and OPinionated List continues on its long trajectory using the modern space-age digital format, with Mark Zip at mission control. We are in good hands. This year, 24 people have joined the caravan, a slight droop in the POOP. Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to figure out how POOP’s tabulations are computed. From what…

Jim Meyers Poop 2018

A few thoughts, if I may. I’m an antiquated analogue relic. All the titles on my list I own on vinyl. I adore the tactile aspect of objects. That being said I am more than willing to embrace the new “digital” delivery of the PooP. One can bring one’s phone into the loo after all, right? The future is clearly female. Or at least this year was. The majority of the artists I binged on this year were female lead. Not sure what, if anything this means, but I found it interesting.     Buy New or Used via Amazon    Rent…

Mike Miller Poop 2018

Technicolor Paradise: Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights (Numero Group)

Hong Kong Score (Wan Chai Records)

Saigon Supersound 1964-75 Volume 2 (Saigon Supersound)

Piero Piccioni – Camille 2000 Soundtrack (Camille 3000)

Gulden Karabocek Volumes 1 & 2 (Pharaway Sounds)

John Stewart Poop 2018

What else can be said that hasn’t been said already. This is the first best of post-print. I guess we can blame the millennial’s for the print edition of Poop dying. Heck we have blamed them for everything else. As far as I am concerned its tough to accept things are changing. Somehow Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang” is given a good review in Pitchfork. Does anyone really think Ariana Grande is good at all? I am sure some like her, but I am not afraid to say I don’t like pop music. Does anyone think Queen could gain traction today? Most likely not.

Jim Finnigan Poop 2018

˙sǝunʇ ʎzɐɹɔ ‘spɹoʍ ʎzɐɹƆ ˙plɹoʍ ʎzɐɹɔ ‘sǝɯᴉʇ ʎzɐɹƆ Time for this year’s POOP, again. TOP 13 1. The American 20th Century in 100 Songs by Peter Stampfel, with (mostly) tasteful accompaniment by Mark Bingham. Although Peter says this was inspired by Taylor Mac’s show of 240 songs, I suspect that this might be the Anti-Folkways Anthology of American Folk Music – solo (mostly) acoustic semi-popular songs with the one catch, that it has to be catchy. Also, despite Peter’s usual tendency to alter the words, mostly faithful. For the unfaithful/unholy side of Peter’s repertoire, he’s also put out 2 albums…

Raissa St. Pierre Poop 2018

Hi Poopsters, it’s been a while and I missed ya. Hope to see some of you out and about. Raissa Paul McMahon live at The Beverly (Thanks Kali!) bought a cassette and an excellent LP, “Hymn to Her”. Paul really hit the spot for me and his band was nice too: Michael Colletti & Try Newton (His Tree-O) He even took people’s problems and questions and made on-the-spot songs to help them. Rixey opened up on singing and guitar. Baby Gramps at the Falcon. This guy is always fun. Old hobo style songs sung perfectly and with panache. He is…

Mark Rosen Poop 2018

My POOP DISC-CLAIMER (disc-lamer?): Personal events usurped musical events for me this year. First, my daughter’s wedding in November filled me with a flurry of feelings I never saw coming. There were so many moments I’ll hold on to forever, 98% of which were not the least bit music-related (although slow-dancing to Etta James with my wife Leslie was among the other 2%). And then one week later, after months of working on his behalf, my new freshman congressman scored a surprisingly smashing victory over his NRA-loving, race-baiting, Trumpsucking incumbent opponent. These are where the “music to my ears” came…

Duncan Clark Poop 2018

SHEMEKIA COPELAND – America’s Child: She’s been recording for 20 years now but I really haven’t been following since her first album. I first started hearing bit and pieces of this CD on a Canadian radio station of all places. It hits in all the right places- good band, very political and a great duet with John Prine.

Scott Dell’Amore Poop 2018

.poop.two.thousand.eighteen. 2018 was a weird year. Here’s the last minute list of the music that made it weirder. Daughters – You Won’t Get What You Want Saba – Care For Me John Coltrane – Both Directions At Once The Decemberists – I’ll Be Your Girl Anderson .Paak – Oxnard The Body – I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer. Pig Destroyer – Head Cage Sleep – The Sciences Father John Misty – God’s Favorite Customer Thou – Magus .scott.dell’amore.

John Lefsky – Poop 2018

I can’t hear everything. A lot of old timers on this list, but enough newer bands that make me feel I’m not ready for the aesthetic dirt nap. I still like noise as much as I adore sad sack bedsit gloom. As usual I’m licking the deadline scrote. Dunno if I’m going to comment on each title; we’ll see.     Buy New or Used via Amazon    Rent via iTunes [?] 1. HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT – NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR CREATIVE HUB SO GET YOUR FUCKIN’ HEDGE CUT. I have only a slight idea of what they are on…

Don Cohen Poop 2018

Hey PooPsters, After streaming northwards of 100 albums this year, here is my tasting menu, boiled down to a fine French reduction sauce. Notable this year is the number of artists, still vital, who have added to the backdrop of my life, some for over 50 years. Baez, McGuinn, and Lil’ Tommy Rush, among them. As I approach 70, that these folks are still around and prolific is life affirming. And to you, my fellow Poopsters, I’m grateful for your lists that invariably turn me on to morsels I missed last year. Entrees John Coltrane: In Both Directions David Byrne:…

Eric Fine Poop 2018

The Tops     Buy New or Used via Amazon    Rent via iTunes [?] 1. Pinegrove – Skylight I will leave the history alone. Google it for an interesting read. Emo is still alive and well on this official sophomore release. At times introspective, it’s a slow grind that builds to something big. I expect this record to stand the test of time. Best live show of the year – all due to the energy in the room.     Buy New or Used via Amazon    Rent via iTunes [?] 2. White Denim – Performance Where have these guys been all my…

Bill Still Poop 2018

1. Low : Double Negative
2. Harmony Rockets with Peter Walker
3. DJ Koze : Knock Knock
4. Mouse On Mars : Transformational People
5. Skee Mask : Compro
6. The Orb : NSAOOB
7. Will Oldham : Songs Of Love & Horror
8. Ry Cooder : The Prodigal Son
9. Yo La Tengo : There’s A Riot Going On
10. David Byrne : American Utopia

Tom Whalen Poop 2018

My proper top 10 just so happened to split neatly into five metal records and five non-metal records. I know this seems kind of precious but this is how it worked out, honestly. Overall top three highlighted in parenthesis. I added five “discoveries”, non-2018 releases in thick rotation for me throughout the year. I’m calling this The Mike Watt List–one of Watt’s many sage chestnuts is “it’s new if it’s new to you”, and generally I jump at any chance to celebrate Watt, the definitive American punk. 2018 Metal Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love Horrendous – Idol Immortal –…

Dan Wilmer Poop 2018

Thirteen Albums for 2018     Buy New or Used via Amazon    Rent via iTunes [?] 1. Car Seat Headrest – Twin Fantasy. With Twin Fantasy, Car Seat Headrest re-recorded an early-career opus. More than a re-release, it’s been totally transformed and really marks the first time this music is reaching ears beyond Bandcamp groupies. For me, it’s a revelation of soaring melodies, shout-along choruses and rocking guitar riffs. Classic rock influences are worn proudly throughout, such as the Kinks, The Who, ELO, and many others (the Lowry Organ on “Cute Thing” is a particularly nice touch). My favorite album of…

Matt Nerney Poop 2018

M.Nerney : POOP 2018 Well, it’s the end of an era. Printed POOP has come to an end. While I lament the fact, it doesn’t really surprise. I won’t go into a full-on screed against technology, but I will say that I’ll deeply miss the physical manifestation of all our rants and raves. So thank you, Mark, for all of the years of toil, trouble and hard nagging that you put in to bring this motley crew of music obsessives laughter, joy, and most essentially, new sounds to hear and love. Thanks also to Zip for carrying the torch into…