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February 2010

Dear POOPster:

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. So said Darles Chickens . . . or something like that . . . as well as a few of this year’s contributors in their various musings. In our perennial January rite, 34 POmpous and OPinionated self-righteous musical hedonists have contributed their usual critical flatulence to this, the 23th Annual POOPlist. After all these years, I think it’s fair to say that our serious love/fascination/addiction for/with/to music of every variety might now qualify as “a pre-existing condition,” not that that will have any future benefit. But regardless of a nation mired in political poop, The State Of POOP, our POOP, is strong.

If you’ve been here before, feel free to skip this paragraph. As usual, I’ve attempted to tabulate the entries and, as is customary, I’ve employed the time-honored What-The-Hell’s-He-Talking-About-Anyway System. One more time, I’ve given 2 points to each pompoid’s Top 10 choices and 1 point to each title beyond a Top 10 or in the variously designated “honorable mention” categories (up to 25 titles in all). Audits are welcome.

And now the POOP answer key:

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix   Buy New or Used through amazon   OR   @ eMusic
1 – PHOENIX – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix 24 POINTS (appearing on 12 out of 34 lists)

NEKO CASE   Buy New or Used through Amazon
2 – NEKO CASE – Middle Cyclone 22 (13)

WILCO   Buy New or Used through amazon
3 – WILCO – Wilco (the album) 20 (10)

YO LA TENGO   Buy New or Used through amazon  OR   @ eMusic
4 – YO LA TENGO – Popular Songs 13 (8)

Japandroids - Post-Nothing   Buy New or Used through amazon   OR   @ eMusic
5 – JAPANDROIDS – Post-Nothing 12 (6)

Where The Action Is - LA Nuggets 1965-1968   Buy New or Used through amazon
6 – VARIOUS ARTISTS – Where the Action Is: Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 10 (5)

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE   Buy New or Used through amazon   OR   @ eMusic
7 – ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – Merriweather Post Pavilion 9 (5)

The Reigning Sound   Buy New or Used through amazon  OR   @ eMusic
7 – REIGNING SOUND – Love and Curses 9 (5)

GRIZZLY BEAR   Buy New or Used through amazon  OR   @ eMusic
9 – GRIZZLY BEAR – Veckatimest 8 (4)

Fire in My Bones   Buy New or Used through amazon
9 – VARIOUS ARTISTS – Fire In My Bones: Raw + Rare + Other-Worldly African-American Gospel [1944-2007] 8(4)

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Good bathroom reading everyone.
Mark R.
Grand NincomPOOP


Peter Aaron – Saugerties, NY
Richard Allen – Sayville, NY
Ken Beck – Cranford, NJ
Kent B – Newburgh, NY
Tim Broun – Woodstock, NY
Paul Cangelosi – Kingston, NY
Duncan Clark – Milton, NY
Damian Cleary – New Paltz, NY
Scott Dell’amore – Rhinebeck, NY
Eric Fine – New York, NY
Jim Finnegan – New Hamburg, NY
Emilio Gironda, Jr.- New Paltz, NY
John Greak – New Paltz, NY
Michael Hodgkiss (Johnny Jah)-Amity, NY
Jamie Hosley – Clifton Park,NY
Mike Jurkovic – Wallkill, NY
Patrick Kennedy – Brooklyn, NY
John Lefsky – New Paltz, NY
Oliver Lodge – Saugerties, NY
Tony Lopez – Kerhonkson, NY
Will Manley – Kingston, NY
Jim Meyers – Kingston, NY
Mike Miller – Cuba, NY
Matt Nerney – Kingston, NY
Irv Rosen – Philadelphia, PA
Mark Rosen – New Paltz, NY
Raissa St. Pierre – Germantown, NY
Jeff Schwartz – Green Brook, NJ
Andrew Stewart – Rhinebeck, NY
John Stewart – Bloomington, NY
Bill Still – Kingston, NY
Tom Whalen – New Paltz, NY
Dan Wilmer – Brooklyn, NY
Mark Zip – Woodstock, NY

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