Two versions of a house classic, separated by 21 years. Frankie Knuckles “re-directs” “Whistle Song”

Frankie Knuckles’ “Whistle Song” came out in 1991. It was one of the favourites on my radio show “Forward In All Directions” for years and years. He’s just released a new “R-Directed” version of it. FACT posted it on Soundcloud and Pete Tong spoke with Frankie and played the track on his BBC Radio One show today. The new version still has the flute-like lead line and the whistle. The bassline is basically unchanged, but he’s pushed the beat further…

The Record Books – Music as Literature

“Well loved albums > Well thumbed tomes”. A fun and fascinating set on Flickr. Famous records imagined as book covers by a pretty good graphic designer. Apparently, they will soon be available as a set of postcards. The Record Books – a set on Flickr.

Rusko new “single” shows two sides of one artist

Rusko’s new “single” arrived digitally today. While he has been in LA for almost two years now, some prominent members of the dubstep scene have been throwing no so well disguised darts at him, accusing him of foisting “brostep” on us. With this single’s A-side “Everyday”, he continues the move towards the summer festival and the girls which he began with Hold On. It’s almost clinical how this one makes you put your hands in the air and feel the…

“The 30 Greatest Hip-Hop Demos”

Chairman Mao over at does a fine job of ferreting out some real gems. Some are rough as hell, as you’d expect, others are smoother. The thrill of discovery persists in all of ’em. Most of the demos have more than one track, so there’s the opportunity for some extended listening. There’s also the opportunity to marvel at the amount of talent which did not survive past the first few recordings… The 30 Greatest Hip-Hop Demos  |

The Streets – Cyberspace and Reds Mixtape

Cyberspace and Reds (Deluxe Edition) by The Streets Mike Skinner / The Streets has been on a tear recently. After a year of silence there’s been lots of activity on his blog, leading up to the release of the final Streets album, Computers & Blues. His site includes really interesting videos and other commentary. He’s also recently released a free mixtape – “Cyberspace and Reds”. It was originally released via the iTunes only app “Mike Scanner”, but in a very…

Unlikely Sources: The 5 Deadliest Drops Of 2010 : NPR

Of all the unlikely places to hear “deadly drops”, I think that bastion of middle class  bourgeoisie, the NPR website, is the most unlikely. Still, credit where credit is due, this short list is killer: The 5 Deadliest Drops Of 2010 : NPR Dunno if it got on the actual radio network tho… (bonus points for the inclusion of one of this PoOPsters’ favourites of the year)

One of Pooplist’s own is very busy (Oh, and gets played on Mary Anne Hobbs’ last show!)

Praveen Sharma (a PoOP contributor in ’01 and ’03) is hard working man. His many projects include PercussionLab and Sepalcure The former has many interesting electronic music based mixes from around the world. The latter has a 4 track EP on Hotflush Recordings which will interest fans of Joy Orbison, Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke and Larry Heard. And in a coup whose import is difficult to overstate, Sepalcure had a dubplate played on Mary Anne Hobbs’ last Radio 1 show….

Ninja Tune XX – What a beast! Now *that’s* the way to celebrate your 20th!

Ninja Tune, the label founded by Coldcut, is turning 20 years old. The Ninja Tune XX boxset is a beast.   You’ve got wo days left to pre-order it at $130.00 Hit the link for the truly frightening details (6 CDs, 6 7″s, stickers, hardback, etc. etc.) and here’s the remarkable track lineup: Tracklists: * = New + Exclusive CD1 * Two Fingers ‘Fools’ * * Roots Manuva ‘It’s On’ * * Toddla T ‘Want U Now’ (feat. Ms Dynamite) * * Dorian Concept…

World Cup fever yields fun mixes from unlikely(?) source

Using the World Cup as a peg, The Fader magazine and Nike Sportswear (?) have teamed up to bring us a series of music mixes. The series is called Pitch Perfect and it includes six mixes of music from various continents sending teams to the World Cup. So far we’ve seen mixes from South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. An African mix will be released at the start of the World Cup proper. Each mix is put together…

Sounds that make you plotz (Or, Why Remixes Matter)

(Disclaimer: At the risk of pissing you off before we even start, this post works best if you have a sub attached to your system. I know, I know… Hey, headphones will do in a pinch) Sounds that make you plotz I was going to entitle this post “Best Remix of the Year So Far” and merely reference the awesome Nero remix of The Streets’ “Blinded By The Light”. But then I was talking with a kid at robot job…