“Peak Personality Pop (2015 Edition)” OR “Has Diplo Finally Jumped the Shark?”

“Older” Superstar Singer? – Check “Younger” Superstar Singer/Rapper? – Check Superstar Producer with some remaining street cred? – Check Self-referential title? – Check Easily chanted chorus? – Check Filterd synth climbs? – Check Serrated noises guaranteed to annoy anyone who “remembers real music”? – Check “Chopped and Screwed” references? – Check BDSM Artwork? – Check Bonus stupid/smart lyric: “I poured a beer into my shoe and got my freak on” Bonus pedestrian lyric: “The neighbor’s pissed and says he’s gonna cal the five-oh”

Do you like sub-bass? Hip-hop? Repetition?

A couple of days ago the top NY producer posted Just Blaze posted a collaboration with Trap scene wunderkind Baauer. It is a killer. And what an intro! I don’t know if it is for sale anywhere, but you can guarantee that DJs all over the world are ripping the track right now and will be including it in their sets tonight.

Is Jack White mad, clever, or just trying to fuck with record collector scum worldwide?

From the YouTube page: Three weeks before his “Blunderbuss” album hits the streets, Third Man Records decided to make the Jack White album track “Freedom at 21” premier exclusively via flexi-disc records attached to helium balloons launched from the label headquarters in Nashville on April 1st, 2012. Envisioned as an experiment exploring non-traditional forms of record distribution and a way to get records in the hands of people who don’t visit record shops, the label was sure to use biodegradable latex balloons and all-natural twine in the process. Accompanying the balloons were custom post cards with instructions for the finders…

Sepalcure – Pooplist Alumnus Praveen Sharma still kickin’ ass – Releases new record today

To his eternal credit/shame, back in 2001 and 2003, Praveen Sharma contributed to the PoOP. Elevating himself from the muck and mire of the PoOP, he has since moved on to more constructive pursuits. He’s been part of the Percussion Lab massive for ever and his collaborative project with Machine Drum, called Sepalcure, has finally released the debut album. It is in stores today! You can get a streamed preview of the record here (Soundcloud) Sepalcure contributed a phenomenal mix ( playlist here ) to the Mary Anne Hobbs show on XFM on Saturday November 1th, 2011. Mixes from a…