Matt Nerney Poop 2022

POOP 2022:
I have to say that I don’t think 2022 was a banner year for music. Yes, there were a handful of releases that seem likely to stand the test of time. But only the very top albums had that great “album” feel, with quality and continuity running through all of the tracks. Many other albums had some great individual tracks, but didn’t seem to hold up across the length of the whole. Overall, though, most of what I heard was pretty underwhelming. Is this the way it’s always been? Or is this the way that I’ve always been?

Sit Down I Think I Love You :

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1) Chip Wickham ~ Cloud 10 : A new discovery for me this year. Wickham brings a classic ‘50s Blue Note vibe to his albums. If you’re into Sonny Rollins, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, or Yusef Lateef, you might dig this. There’s also a nice little revved up homage to “Take Five” in there, as well (Tubby Chaser). This album would have been improved by extending a few of the shorter tracks. Damn vinyl revival! [England|Spain]

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2) Fontaines D.C.~ Skinty Fia : I liked “A Hero’s Death”, but this album moves Fontaines into another sphere. They are developing a unique voice, instantly identifiable, yet rooted in certain iconic sounds. I’m starting to see this band in the same realm as Radiohead and the Twilight Sad. This album is a good place to be when you’re searching for that new Joy Division type of fix. [Ireland]

Buy Spoon ~ Lucifer On the Sofa|Lucifer On the Moon (Adrian Sherwood remix) New or Used via Amazon
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3) Spoon ~ Lucifer On the Sofa|Lucifer On the Moon (Adrian Sherwood remix) : Personally, I don’t rate this as one of Spoon’s best albums. However, any Spoon album is typically better than most other albums in any given year. The companion dub album by Sherwood just puts it in the red. The version of “On the Radio” alone is worth the price of admission. I would have liked it to be longer, though! [US]

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4) The Smile ~ A Light for Attracting Attention : I’ve still got some mixed emotions regarding this album. Initially, I didn’t give it much thought. Then, the thinking was along the lines of why not just make a Radiohead album? I’ve come around to just accepting it. There are some beautiful songs here and I guess that’s all that matters at the end of the day. The downtempo cuts are where it’s at for me. [England]

Buy Melt Yourself Down ~ Pray for Me I Don’t Fit In New or Used via Amazon
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5) Melt Yourself Down ~ Pray for Me I Don’t Fit In : Wow. A powerhouse, gutpunch of an album. In the same world as The Comet is Coming and IDLES, if you can imagine that combination. I’d heard a few tunes years ago, but they seemed too aggressive at the time. I guess I’m getting fired up in my middle age, as this sounds very good to me now. It’s not an “any time” album, mind you, but if you need an adrenaline rush, this could work very well. [England]

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6) Cola ~ Deep in View : The lineup is classic; vocal, guitar, bass, drums. The result is simple, direct, and clever. Definitely has a ‘90s vibe to it, maybe like a mellow Franz Ferdinand. Risen from the ashes of the band Ought, who I was not familiar with. I checked them out, but prefer this iteration. [Canada]

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7) Soccer96 ~ Inner Worlds : Continuing on with their thematic sci fi soundscapes. Again, a band that is creating their own vibe, inviting you into their secret world, as if through a hidden portal in the universe. Vocal guest spots by Salami Rose Joe Louis and Rozi Plain are a perfect fit. [England]

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8) Midlake ~ For the Sake of Bethel Woods : Building on the foundation from their last album (way back in 2013), Midlake continues to develop their slightly progressive, Laurel Canyon sound. The production by John Congleton is a little too processed on a few of the tracks (for my taste, anyway), but otherwise, a very good listen. I’m glad they’re still making music, even if it took nearly a decade! [US]

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9) Animal Collective ~ Time Skiffs : While this album sounds as inventive as all of their other work, there is a warmer, more inviting feel to these songs. I really like the moody, minor key vibe on several of the cuts. There is a moment that reminds me of They Might Be Giants, which puts me off just a bit. [US]

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10) Toro y Moi ~ Mahal : Another new find for me this year. I just think this is a lot of fun. Very ‘70s retro, with not too much to think about lyrically. I just like the sound of it, all woozy and full of static and helium. It’s got a little bit of everything and doesn’t take itself too seriously. [US]

11) Yoo Doo Right ~ A Murmur, Boundless to the East : A band I had checked out a couple of years ago, and then forgot about. I’m glad I’ve rediscovered them. Sounds like a cross between Explosions in the sky and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, with a few barked vocals along the way. Obviously, there’s some gloom here, but this is pretty epic. [Canada]

12) The Comet is Coming ~ Hyper~Dimensional Expansion Beam : This is a very intense listen. Much more aggressive than their previous releases. I wish there were a few more laidback tracks, to be honest. With that being said, there are few other bands that sound like this, so I’ll take what I can get. [England]

13) Makaya McCraven ~ In These Times : A very cinematic jazz album. I wish there was more of an improvisational feel and stretching out on the tunes, though. Nevertheless, a satisfying listen. [US]

14) Daniel Rossen ~ You Belong There
: Since it appears that we won’t be hearing any new Grizzly Bear music any time soon, this will have to do. The melancholy and longing of the best Grizzly Bear songs are here, but this album would benefit from a more varied sound from track to track. The archness of the arrangements wears thin after a while, but it works nicely if you’re in a certain type of mood. [US]

15) Rachika Nayar ~ Heaven Come Crashing : A modern interpretation of the Blade Runner soundtrack for guitar? Well, that’s what I hear anyway. Or maybe Kevin Shields meets Ricky Eat Acid? Either way, it’s an enveloping wave of a listening experience. Definitely an intriguing artist to keep an eye on. [US]

What I Like About You :
Daniel Lanois ~ Player, Piano : A collection of moody, minimalist piano sketches. [Canada]
Earthen Sea ~ Ghost Poems : Mellow ambient washes, but with a grit and gauziness that engages. [US]
The Mastelottos ~ Naked: A Romantic’s Guide to King Crimson ~ Instrumentals : Moody. [US]
Brian Eno ~ Foreverandevernomore : Pretty grim, but still pretty. [England]
Preoccupations ~ Arrangements : More industrial post punk. [Canada]
Phoenix ~ Alpha Zulu : Overproduced, but still super catchy. [France]
Alina Bzhezhinska ~ Reflections : Harpy. [Ukraine]
Vinyl Williams ~ Cosmopolis : Super ‘60s retro, you might like it if you’re into Stereolab and such. [US]
orangepurplebeach ~ dEATh-bUg | John Vanderslice ~ Amethyst EP : Weird digital sketches. [US]
Mythic Sunship ~ Light/Flux : Kind of spacey, kind of heavy, kind of skronky. [Denmark]
Modern Nature ~ Island of Noise : Kind of mellow, kind of skronky. [England]
Pixies ~ Doggerel : Haven’t really considered them in a while. Certainly not classic, but not bad. [US]
Alabaster Deplume ~ Gold : It’s cool that such a strange album can exist in the world today. [England]
Field Guides ~ Gingko : Kind of like a cross between Bon Iver and Bowerbirds. [US]
Vieux Farka Toure|Khruangbin ~ Ali : A relaxed collaboration on some Ali Farka Toure tunes. [Mali|US]

Maybe Someday : Interesting sounds, but didn’t quite grab me enough to purchase.
BadBadNotGood ~ Sour Soul: Instrumentals, Vol. 1
The Beths ~ Expert in a Dying Field
Bjork ~ Fossora
Surya Botofasina ~ Everyone’s Children
The Figgs ~ Chemical Shake
Greg Foat ~ Blue Lotus
Dave Harrington|Tim Mislock ~ Hollywood Visit
Panda Bear|Sonic Boom ~ Reset
Revelators Sound System ~ Revelators Sound System
Tom Skinner ~ Voices of Bishara

The Thrill is Gone : I wanted to like these albums, but just couldn’t get there.
Alaskalaska ~ Still Life
alt-j ~ the Dream
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead ~ Bleed Here Now
Archers of Loaf ~ Reason in Decline
Elvis Costello ~ A Boy Named IF
Mitski ~ Laurel Hell
The Soft Pink Truth ~ Is It Going to Get Any Deeper Than This?
Tears for Fears ~ the Tipping Point
Wilco ~ Cruel Country
Neil Young ~ World Record

Archival 2022 : There’s just way too much archival material being released these days … I can’t keep up!
Beatles ~ Revolver
David Bowie ~ Moonage Daydream OST
Broadcast ~ Maida Vale Sessions
King Crimson ~ Music is Our Friend
Pink Floyd ~ Animals [2018 mix]

By the way, whatever happened to that Cure album that was supposed to be released in 2022?