PoOPlists 2001

Ken Beck Poop 01

Graduating Class – 2001 Pernice Brothers – – The World Won’t End (Ashmont Records) “Most likely to make Big Star & Alex Chilton drop a load in their pants” The New Pornographers – – – Mass Romantic (Mint Records) “Most likely to squelch any further Canadian jokes.” Ted Leo/Pharmacists – – – The Tyranny of Distance (Lookout Records) “Most likely to end up in intensive care for severe tendon damage.” Fugu – – – Fugu 1 (Minty Fresh Records) “Most likely to change the way most people feel about the French.” Death Cab For Cutie – – – The Photo…

Bruce Handschuh Poop 01

Best of 2001 1.) The Avalanches – Since I Left You 2.) The White Stripes – De Stijl 3.) Ike Reilly – Salesman and Racists 4.) The Strokes – Is This It 5.) JJ72 – JJ72 Rufus Wainwright – Poses 6.) Elbow – Asleep In The Back 7.) Bob Dylan – Love and Theft 8.) Pete Yorn – Music For Teh Morning After 9.) Lucinda williams – Essence 10.) White Stripes – White Blood Cells 11.) Super Furry Animals – Rings Around The World 12.) New Order – Get Ready 13.) Missy Elliot – Miss E …So Addictive

JT Haberstaat Poop 01

Top 10 of 2001 1.) Modest Mouse – The Moon + Antarctica 2.) Nick Cave – No More Shall We Part 3.) Lovage – Songs To Make Love To… 4.) Mogwai – Rock Action 5.) Bright Eyes – Oh, Holy Fools 6.) Tomahawk – Tomahawk 7.) The International Noise Conspiracy – A New Morning 8.) Fugazi – The Argument 9.) Murder City Devils – Thelema 10.) The Priests – Street Walker

Fix Poop 01

Fix’s Favorites of 2001 1. Wilco — – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 2. Divine Comedy — – Regeneration (Alphabetical) • BRMC — – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club • Bjork — – Vespertine • Cannibal Ox — – The Cold Vein • Fugazi — – The Argument • Ocean Colour Scene — – Mechanical Wonder • Jim O’Rourke — – Insignificance • Pernice Brothers — – The World Won’t End • Radiohead — Amnesiac And finally, can’t we please stop yapping about The White Stripes and The Strokes?!

RoseAnn Fino Poop 01

1 Michelle Branch – – the spirit room 2 Britney Spears – – Britney 3 Shaldra – – Laundry Service 4 Ja Rule – – Pain is Love 5 No Doubt – – Rock Steady 6 Bob Dylan – – Love & Theft 7 Dan Bern – – New American Language 8 Alicia Keys – – Songs in A minor 9 Reba – – “I’m a Survivor” Volume 3 10 Ryan Adams – – Gold

Mark Zip Poop 01

New Order – Get Ready Yeah yeah, i know, I know… “New Order are a great singles band, but name one full CD masterpiece…” Hell, I dunno. all I know is that this CD feels like a real return to form. The typical bass lines, the sometimes idiot/ironic lyrics, the tentative (to put it charitably) singing, etc. etc. Despite all that, I sang along to it, I enjoyed the noises it made and i’m sure that there at least 3 great songs on it which will only show themselves to best effect when “Substance 3” comes out in 3 years….

John Stewart Poop 01

Top 10 albums of the year 1. The Strokes – -Is This It 2. Radiohead – –Amnesiac. 3. Bob Dylan – –Love and Theft. 4. Leonard Cohen – –Ten New Songs 5. Travis – –The Invisible Band 6. Gorillaz – –Gorillaz 7. Mogawi – –Rock Action. 8. Stereolab – –Sound-Dust 9. Spiritualized – — Let It Come Down. 10. E.L.O. – –Zoom TOP 10 Reissues of The Year 1 (Tie) The Velvet Underground – –Bootleg Series Volume I 1 (Tie) Ramones – — (Ramones, Leave Home, Rocket To Russia and Road to Ruin) 2. Shuggie Otis – –lnspiration Information 3….

Dave Squillante Poop 01

My first contribution to the POOP list- what an honor! My tastes tend to lean towards the harder stuff. Up until October, I worked for the record label, KOCH Records. Some of my picks reflect my work there. Here are my lucky 7 for 2001! 1. Kiss – Box Set The band that turned me on to rock when I was a kid released an awesome box set this fall. They really have included every song a Kiss fan could want. This 5 disc, 94-track box set comes with a 120-page color book, including track-by-track commentary mostly by Gene Simmons…

Praveen Sharma Poop 01

We all know about the Gillian Welch’s, the Radioheads, the Strokes, etc. I decided that my contribution to the Poop List would be most effective if I shed some light on some other releases which I hope, during some rare period of compulsive, adventurous buying, a few of you may give a chance. And in no particular order… 1. The Other People Place: Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe Actually produced by Drexcyia under another alias, this album has brought about a murmuring Detroit techno revival to the “four to the floor” masses. It’s perfectly vocoded vocal tracks and futurist, dystopian…

Jeff Schwartz Poop 01

Poop Glorious Poop,….2001 what can be said? too much, that’s what. Let’s get to it shall we? abandoned pools – humanistic (extasy) great peeps, great songs & great production – fans of Ken Andrews & Tommy Walters should invest in this one. It’s always great to find a new surprise and trust me this one came out of nowhere and it reared its’ head up high & stayed there. treble charger – wide awake bored (nettwerk america) 2 words – EAR – CANDY, ok you need more than that? How about 4 – P’s, – perfectly polished power pop. There!…

Raissa StPierre Poop 01

1. Bob Dylan – Love and Theft 2. Earmight – Monk 3. Avalon Blues – A Tribute to Mississippi John Hurt 4. Loudon Wainwright III – The Last Man On Earth 5. White Stripes – White Blood Cells 6. Rufus Wainwright – Poses 7. Rachelle Garniez – Crazy Blood 8. The Detroit Cobras – Life, Love and Leaving 9. The Derailers – Here Come the Derailers 10. Junior Brown – Mixed Bag Hi Poop people how are you? I almost didn’t make it in, thank god poopster Zip reminded me of the deadline and poopster Lange hooked me up via…

Mark Rosen Poop 01

1. GILLIAN WELCH – Time (The Revelator) Gilly continues her less-is-more musical philosophy. Sometimes haunting, sometimes jubilant, always exquisite. For God’s sake, give David Rawlings his due credit. This is the last time I’m going to tell you, Gilly! (See Gillian Welch bootleg below.) 2. RYAN ADAMS – Gold He may be the only guy in America who may have benefited from 9/11 but that really can’t be held against him. The fact that as a person he can be something of an asshole can be. Luckily he sure knows how to tap into that American thang. 3. VARIOUS ARTISTS…

Irv Rosen Poop 01

What I Listened to in 2001 There seemed to be a gap from mid-September on, but this is what I remember listening to and enjoying, of course, in no particular order: Nick Lowe – The Convincer • Having turned his attention from rock to sweet-sounding quiet tunes, Nick turned out an outstanding set. I still dig his mood. Dave Edmunds – Hand Picked • The other half of Rockpite self-reteases an eclectic set of (mostly) acoustic songs raging from classical to Elvis to Mason Williams. With a new replacement heart valve, Dave is in good form Bob Dylan – Love…

Matt Nerney Poop 01

How the time flies! I can hardly believe it’s time to be compiling the poop again already. Well, as usual, there seemed to be a lot of music that I liked this year, and also a ton that I missed out on. Fortunately, no longer working at a record store, I didn’t have to hear a lot of low grade crap over and over. Here’s a cheer to small blessings. I seem to be getting set in my ways as I age, and I’m going to be a whopping 52 this year, so you’ll probably see a number of familiar…

Mike Miller Poop 01

2001…I have purchased more music during this year than in any other single year that I can recall. Unfortunately for POOP purposes, very little of it was new music. I’d be hard pressed to come up with 10 top picks of 2001 based upon the new releases of this year. It’s not as though I’m jaded. I’m very enthusiastic about the music I found in 2001. So for my purposes and as if anyone really cares, I’m disregarding the original release date of my picks and listing those things that I have truly dug. Obviously dominated by 60s-70s Italian soundtracks….

Jim Meyers Poop 01

Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot This record reflects the musical climate better than any other, and in a most unfortunate way, in that it’s impossible to discuss the music without first looking at the business end of things. It’s absolutely beyond my comprehension that the music industry has become such a quagmire of crapulence that the same company that released Van Morrison’s most challenging and rewarding works would reject this and set the band adrift. Welcome to the modern world. It is especially egregious when one considers the economics involved. This is a band with such a built in, die-hard audience…

Rich McBride Poop 01

What I listened to during this very difficult year… David Gray – White Ladder Joe Henry – Scar Lucinda Williams – Essence Pete Yorn – Music for the Morning After Ryan Adams – Gold John Mellencamp – Cuttin’ Heads Alison Krauss + Union Station – New Favorite Matthew Ryan – Concussion Gillian Welch – Time(The Revelator) Various – A Nod to Bob (Tribute to Bob Dylan) Shelby Lynne – Love, Shelby John Hammond – Wicked Grin Buddy & Julie Miller – Buddy & Julie Miller Raul Malo – Today Keith Jarrett Trio – Inside Out Jubilant Sykes – Wait For…

Andrew Martin Poop 01

Welcome fellow poopers! Here it is, the wax tracks on black that were so cool…..uhh yeah…. the top shit from us bottom feeders in da dance underground…… this was the year that we took it outta the bedroom and back to the people with Swank. It was the year techno began to make a comeback after years of disrespect and gave progressive house (too much of the same thing is killin me!) a run for its money and in all the boxes of all the DJ’s in the know…. It was the year that Daft Punk (CRAP JUNK!!!!) lost all…