John Lefsky – Poop 2022

I was gonna wait because there are still a dozen-ish things I’m still trying to absorb. I’ve dug more music than usual, this year, but I need to draw the line somewhere. Gonna try and not pontificate too much. Just about everything here is on Bandcamp, if you wanna give them s listen.

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1. Freezing HandsIt Was A Good Run
A dash of Kinks, some Beach Boys, maybe a little Fountains Of Wayne. Power Pop hooky goodness.

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2. Lianne HallEnergy Flashback
British Folk – Electronica. Hall manages to combine squelches and melody, touching, sometimes funny lyrics and a lilting voice.

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3. OneidaSuccess
Lost track of these guys, even though they have been consistently recording. Slamming, burning, and that opening track guitar solo reminds me of Lou’s solo on I Heard Her Call My Name.

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4. The SadiesColder Streams
R.I.P. Dallas Hood. Each album has been better than the one before it. What a loss.

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5.Oh BolandCheap Things
Great sloppy, melodic Irish punk.

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6.Hurry UpDismal Nitch
Great, not – so – sloppy Pacific Northwest melodic punk rock, And a cool Dead Moon cover.

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7.The Len Price 3Ip Dip Do
If they have an album out it’ll be here. I seem to be leaning heavily on punk this year. I’m not getting older, I’m…no I’m just getting older, but I still like it loud.

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8.Nina NastasiaRiderless Horse
OK, I’ll bring it down for Nina’s first release in over a decade. Might seem too bare – bones for some, but rewards repeated listens.

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9.Robyn HitchcockShufflemania!
Like his 2017 release, this is also produced by Brendan Benson. Robyn should stick with Benson; he’s good at getting a consistent, full sound out of disparate sessions and players, including Johnny Marr and and couple of Soft Boys.

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10.ExekAdvertise Here
A little Eno in the vocals, some Kraut – rock here, post – punk there, and , hey, some shadows of Syd. Some of my fave ingredients.

11. Green/BlueOffering
12.AbroniaMap Of Dawn
14.Porridge RadioWaterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky
15.Crimes Of PassingCrimes Of Passing
16.Sweet KnivesSpritzerita
17.AbraxasMonte Carlo
18.ClassEpoca De Los Vaqueros
19.The Dream SyndicateUltraviolet Battle Hymns And True Confessions
20. UpupayāmaThe Golden Pond

More Stuff:

Gnod Hexen Valley /
CromlechQuestionable Strategies /
Richard DawsonThe Ruby Chord /
Shovel Dance CollectiveThe Water Is The Shovel Of The Shore /
Nick HartSings Ten English Folk Songs /
The Airport 77sWe Realize You Have A Choice /
Congotronics InternationalWhere’s The One? /
Half Man Half BiscuitThe Voltarol Years /
Graham DayThe Master Of None /
The Lord and Petra HadenDevotional /
MonophonicsSage Motel /
The Reds,Pinks and PurplesSummer At Land’s End /
Oxbow & Peter BrotzmannAn Eternal Reminder Of Not Today /
FuckwolfGoodbye, Asshole /
Graeme Jefferies Hog Porridge And Heffalumping /
CarolineCaroline /
FloristFlorist /
Ghost Funk Orchestra A New Kind Of Love /
Mary HalvorsonAmaryllis & Belladonna /
SiromThe Liquified Throne Of Simplicity /
Kikagaku MoyoKikagakumoyo Island /
NZE NZEAdzi Akal /
Pelican MovementFistful Of Ivy /
Horse LordsComradely Objects /
Use KnifeThe Shedding Of Skin

There’s plenty more where that came from, but who has the time? Well, I probably do, but I’m hungry.