Main Poop Analysis 2021

Dear POOPsters:
Having resisted the urge to name POOP after a Greek letter, I present to you the 35 th Anniversary Edition of POOP. This year actually turned out to provide some relative relief and respite from the whirlpool of forces and events that made 2020 a year for history’s shitpile. Since then, we have vaccines that mostly keep us out of the hospital, testing kits that work if you use them at the right time and a new ineffectual leader who is at least not the last guy. Welcome to a world where someone named Cheney is the voice of reason. Huzzah. This year 21 of us have stormed the POOPitol.

And what do you know, I’ve once again employed the same time-honored tabulation system, utilizing the customary What-The-Hell’s-He-Talking-About methodology. As always, I’ve given 2 points to each pompoid’s Top 10 choices and 1 point to each title beyond a Top 10 or in the variously designated ‘honorable mention’ categories (up to 25 titles in all; more than 25 means half-points).

POOP would not be possible without the extraordinary efforts of Mark Zip, who has assumed the role of Disseminator of POOP from high atop the digital pulpit. Please know that he is the reason you’re able to sit with your device right now and drink in the nectar of our collective pomposity. At this point, NO ZIP, NO POOP. If you’ve not done so already, please drop a contribution into the ‘Donate’ box at the top of the homepage and help offset some of Zip’s web fees (and thanks to the many who’ve already done so). – Mark Rosen, Chief Pompoid

And now, what thou has poopest:

1 – ROBERT PLANT / ALISON KRAUSSRaise the Roof 9 points (appearing on 5 of 21 lists)
T2 – JOSE GONZALEZLocal Valley 7(4)
T2 – THE WHOThe Who Sell Out (Super Deluxe Box) 7(4)
T4 – JONI MITCHELLArchives Volume 2: The Reprise Years (1968-1971) 6½ (4)
T6 – ELVIS COSTELLOSpanish Model 6(3)
T6 – DINOSAUR JR.Sweep It into Space 6(3)
T6 – TEENAGE FANCLUBEndless Arcade 6(3)
T6 -TYLER THE CREATORCall Me If You Get Lost 6(3)
10 – THE WEATHER STATIONIgnorance 5½(3)

Bubbling Under at #11:
BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROADFor the First Time 5(3)
KIWI JR.Cooler Returns 5(3)
MDOU MCTARAfrique Victime 5(3)
TAYLOR SWIFTRed (Taylor’s Edition) 5(3)

Until we pontificate again,

Mark Rosen
Most Exalted Potentate of POOP

Richard Allen – Sayville, NY
Ken Beck – Cranford, NJ
Duncan Clark – Milton, NY
Don Cohen – New York, NY
Scott Dell’amore – Pine Plains, NY
Eric Fine – New York, NY
Jim Finnigan – New Hamburg, NY
Mike Fix – Kingston, NY
Ronald Hart – Ringwood, NJ
Michael C. Hodgkiss – Amity Harbor, NY
Mike Jurkovic – Wallkill, NY
John Lefsky – New Paltz, NY
Bob Lukomski – New Paltz, NY
Matt Nerney – Grafton, NH
Rob O’Connor – Hurley, NY
Mark Rosen – New Paltz, NY
Andrew Stewart – Rhinebeck, NY
Jay Stewart – Bloomington, NY
Tom Whalen – Kingston, NY
Dan Wilmer – Jersey City, NJ
Mark Zip – Woodstock, NY