Metal album covers re-imagined inna jazz style

“The design experiment was meant to be like a time machine,” he says, “respecting the original art covers’ messages and objective.” Lots more, including side-by-side comparisons: https://www.behance.net/gallery/22172745/Metazz-Metal-Album-Covers-Redesigned (via The Verge) Share

Paul Cangelosi Poop 2013

(in no particular order)     Buy New or Used via Amazon Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: Unvarnished (Blackheart Records) I haven’t followed her career much over the years but I picked this up and was psyched to hear her rocking hard with her classic rock riffs. She’s still got “IT”.     Buy New or Used via Amazon Wau Y Los Arrrgh!!!: Todo Roto (Slovenly) This band is about as perfect for my taste in music as you can get. Crazed…

The Internet could not care less about your mediocre band

Dave Allen (Gang of Four) wades in to the Emily White / Dave Lowery fracas with a considered piece defending White. The question of Free Culture’s approach to the current (and past) music industry is yielding some of the most interesting discussions and thinking about the venn diagram of internet, culture and law. The Internet could not care less about your mediocre band. (Dave Allen, North) Share

John Peel’s Record Collection, the first 100 records are up

Yup, It’s pretty damn cool. There’s the great man’s home studio! You can click on various items to find various resources. But the thing most of us will go for first is the record box. When you click the record box you are taken to his record collection. From the blog about the site: After some deliberation we decided that the best way to start the process was to release the details of the first 100 albums, listed alphabetically, from…

LP and CD Sale Memorial Day Weekend – Woodstock / West Saugerties

Zip’s Ziggurat presents another Huge! Insane! Music Yard Sale 10,000s of LPs , CDs, 45s +12”s rock, pop, hip hop, country, dance, world, folk, reggae, soul, alt.rock, jazz, funk, punk, r+b, metal, classical, techno, new wave, house, old-timey, breaks, spoken, 80’s, electro, blues, promos, DVDs (music + features), tons more Insultingly low prices As low as $0.50 (hey, some are even “cheaper than free”) Listen before you buy Free refreshments too! Memorial Day Weekend Saturday + Sunday + Monday 10am…