John Peel’s Record Collection, the first 100 records are up

John Peel Record Collection
Yup, It’s pretty damn cool.
There’s the great man’s home studio! You can click on various items to find various resources. But the thing most of us will go for first is the record box. When you click the record box you are taken to his record collection. From the blog about the site:

After some deliberation we decided that the best way to start the process was to release the details of the first 100 albums, listed alphabetically, from each letter of the alphabet each week. So on 1st May we will release the first 100 A’s, on 8th May the first 100 B’s, 15th May first 100 C’s, and so on.

Lots of clicking is sure to follow…

John Peel’s Record Collection | The Space.

Pro Tip: Click on the studio board for access to Spotify links to tons of Peel Sessions

(Note: The site will not work without scripting. I *think* it might work without FLash n modern browsers)

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  1. Jim Finnigan | May 15, 2012 at 7:20 pm |

    A’s B’s C’s so far – not impressed.

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