Mike Jurkovic Poop 2022


yea yea I know I’ve done nothin but gripe over the last few years about the failed state of our democracy n rock n roll n the general collapse of any and all involved in our cultural degeneration but enough of that for this year. there’s always cable and streaming dystopias for all that. we’re gathered here at PooP HQ to step away and actually celebrate what little light managed to shine thru the bullet holes left by patriots n supremacists n just regular freakin knot-head incels.

so as I work tirelessly to recount it all I’m listenin to the super duper PooPer deluxe version of lil feat’s magnum opus “Waiting For Columbus” n lovin every scorchin minute of it. yea all 8 discs on loop play n skin it back baby. ask the rock n roll dr tonight baby! they just don’t make it like this anymore and that even more is the grand sorrow of today and tomorrow. And who knew that after the turning of many a decade and the loss of dear Charlie that the Stones would eventually get around to releasing “El Mocambo” and yes dammit, it is the great live Stones album we’ve been waiting for since “Get Yer Ya-Yas Out.” The Blondie box “Against the Odds, 1974-1982” rocks n rock n rocks and then there’s “Revolver” and we all know what that released and still inspires. Then of course the year closed out w/Petty and his heartbreaking posse “Live at The Fillmore 1997.” and I’d be remiss by miles not to mention Bowie’s “Divine Symmetry,” subtitled The Journey to Hunky Dory and the too hot to the touch “Prince and the Revolution: Live

now even the most distracted n screen enslaved of you out there gotta notice there’s nothing here that even comes close to whatever the new rock n roll is n y’know what?
Good. Great. Fuck it. Call me old and outdated. Call me mold and conflated. As I close in on 70 I’m still willin’ to bet the farm future generations will be revisiting these sets before any and all of whatever they play today. besides, as regular PooPers might recall, I made the turn to jazz many a coyote moon ago and yes, some of those great releases of last year were:
Mary Halvorson: Amaryllis & Belladona
Connie Han: Secrets of Inanna
Emmet Cohen: Uptown In Orbit
Immanuel Wilkins: The 7th Hand
Esbjorn Svensson: Home.S.
Dreamstruck: With Grace In Mind
Charles Mingus: The Lost Album from Ronnie Scott’s
Cecil Taylor: The Complete, Legendary, Live Return Concert
Ahmad Jamal: Emerald City Nights 1963-64/ 1965-1966
Trevor Dunn: Seances
Keith Jarrett: Bordeaux Concert
Ches Smith: Interpret It Well
Chick Corea: The Montreux Concert
Tim Berne & Matt Mitchell: One More, Please

On other fading horizons Jann Wenner’s “Like A Rolling Stone” was pretty good for the first 100 or so pages then devolved into jet-setting and name dropping and well who gives a rat’s rump Jann really? Bono’s “Surrender” with its Beat like sensibilities was a fun read. Ditto Bob Spitz’s “Led Zeppelin.” Jon Meachem’s latest on Abe Lincoln “And There Was Light” offered hope for our political enjambments. Haven’t gotten around to reading Bobby D’s latest philosophical opus since I’m saving up to buy the next bootleg installment. I read other things but they’re not easily recollected so we’ll leave it at that.

Nick Lowe at TarryTown Music Hall was a hot hoot especially when Los Straitjackets cut loose and went all psycho-surf! Willie Nile continues to leave his mark wherever he plays and last year we caught him at The Falcon and the Towne Crier. (Happy 50th Phil btw) and quite seriously Ticketmaster and Live Nation can well, you know, take their dynamic pricing and blow it out the deepest reaches of their tuchus before I ever attempt a big market concert again. At this point, our heritage artists should be giving us the discount and not us handing over another mortgage payment. That shit got old real fast.

so there you have it. maybe, as some of the winds are howlin, this is the final Poop. Maybe not. we’ll see. . . feel free to visit:
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stay healthy
mike j