Rusko new “single” shows two sides of one artist

Rusko’s new “single” arrived digitally today. While he has been in LA for almost two years now, some prominent members of the dubstep scene have been throwing no so well disguised darts at him, accusing him of foisting “brostep” on us. With this single’s A-side “Everyday”, he continues the move towards the summer festival and the girls which he began with Hold On. It’s almost clinical how this one makes you put your hands in the air and feel the sun on your neck. The single version included above is almost so basic that you can imagine it being used mostly as a transition track in mixes, rather than a destination track. I can even hear the first synth break in a Van Helden or Tiesto set. The rest of the track is so basic as to rely entirely on the bass, which “Hold On” did not do. This makes me feel even more that it is intended for the festival season and the sub-bass setups which can handle the power needed better that the earbuds most folks are using these days.

Other versions of the track, especially Netsky mix, show that it is also going to be a good bed for remixes of many stripes.

Everyday (Netsky Remix) by Rusko

But the The B-side, “Lick the Lizard”, is close to his roots, with wobble and aggro staying just this side of “brostep”. It’s a collabo with Reso

Rusko & Reso – Lick The Lizard from Mad Decent on Vimeo