Lhasa de Sela RIP

A bit late on this one: She passed Jan 01 of breast cancer. I have been a fan, on and off, since “La Llorona” was released in ’97.  And the latest CD makes my PoOPlist for 2009. Very sad. And she was born in Big Indian, NY Her site: Lhasa de Sela Share

2 vids on 1 song from Major Lazer – One more disturbing that the last

I had really hoped against hope that this most obvious of all the hits on the Major Lazer record would be selling shedloads by now, but it was not to be. But “Keep It Going Louder” has yielded two very distinctive vids. The first is somewhat normal, the other is … not. Major Lazer Keep It Goin’ Louder feat. Nina Sky and Ricky Blaze official music video (October 09) Directed by Eric Wareheim. Oddly captivating, dunno why. Share

PoOPster Hubris Warning: The Decade in Music Genre Hype

Funny and insightful, Christopher R. Weingarten (he of the 1000 twittered album reviews) has “a solemn tribute to the once-hot-shit trends that (mostly) won’t be joining us in the ’10s” New York Music – The Decade in Music Genre Hype Serves as a sobering grounding for those of us compiling our PoOP lists this week… right? Share

My heroes… Chase & Status

Perfect record for a soggy and gray day spent fiddling with records. Their LP from last year was pretty good drum n bass, but nothing could have prepared us for this. I first heard it back in April and it’s been growing on me ever since. Once again, turn up the bass if you can. (Available on the B-side of the new single “Against All Odds”) Share

HUGE MUSIC YARD SALE! – 10,000 CDs, LPs, 45s, DVDs – Labor Day Weekend

HUGE MUSIC YARD SALE! – 10,000 CDs, LPs, 45s, DVDs – Labor Day Weekend Zip’s Ziggurat presents another Insane! Music yard sale 10,000s of LPs , CDs +12”s Rock, pop, hip hop, country, dance, world, folk, reggae, soul, alt.rock, jazz, funk, punk, r+b, metal, classical, techno, new wave, house, old-timey, breaks, spoken, 80’s, electro, blues, DVDs, promos, tons more. At insultingly low prices as low as $0.50 (hey, some are even “cheaper than free”) Listen before you buy Free refreshments!…

Official vid for Major Lazer “Hold The Line”

spot the Black flag samples. Diplo and Switch go downyard and make a yardie tape for the new era. Feat. Santogold among others. Previews at rcrdlbl.com and full drops on or about June 12. You thought the air-raid siren was done? Think again. Share

The Damnwells Let ‘Er Rip

The Damnwells, possibly the hardest-working band you’ve never heard of, have decided to give it all away, here. They play Live at The Mercury Lounge, April 4th. Share

In Search of Sid (Vicious)

In Search of Sid (BBC Radio 4) Jah Wobble makes a very interesting half hour radio doc about Sid Vicious. VERY limited time to listen to the stream. Including interviews with Marco Perroni and Viv from the Slits. Share