Steve McQueen: Vinyl Abuser

Recently published photos of Steve McQueen reveal the “King of Cool” to be a vicious vinyl-abusing fan of shag carpeting. Leaving aside the issue of the carpeting, for which he perhaps cannot be blamed, let us dive headlong into the horror. In one particularly gruesome shot (above) McQueen straddles a graveyard of records strewn on the carpet while he looms over his next victim. The experienced music fan will recognize this as a virulent strain of the vinyl-abuser’s sickness; the…

Must read – Charlie Gillett

The Sound Of The City: The Rise Of Rock And Roll Charlie Gillett’s master work. As this post goes to press you could get it used from $4.76 Highly recommended. Share

Alex Chilton didn’t *always* sound the same.

We don’t post too many RIPs here, but on trawling the net the other day we came across this oddity from 1996. Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughan and Alan Vega get together for some true spookiness. Hadn’t really occurred to us to post it, but the news of Alex Chilton’s death prompted me to go back to it, It’s a very different sound for him, far removed from the sweet harmonies and jangle we usually associate with him. Share

What if you like a tune but it might be bad for the world (#389 in a series)

Uffie feat. Mr Oizo – MCs Can Kiss Annie Mac played it the other day and the context made it sound good enough to listen to again. On my fifth listen I am still conflicted. Her attitude is great, but the beat isn’t. Her lyrics are stupid/fun but the flow ain’t fine. The hook is sharp but …. Oh I give up. Perhaps this is the natural end product of the “poptimist” critical approach. BTW: Starkey did a remix –…

What Would You Do If I Sang Autotune

Wow. A while back we all commented on the amazingly bad Ringo Starr TV appearance on the Daily Show. Here are the Evolution Control Committee with their version…. BTW, singing out of tune while lip synching to the real tune is very difficult. Thanks to MarkR for the tip Share

Lhasa de Sela RIP

A bit late on this one: She passed Jan 01 of breast cancer. I have been a fan, on and off, since “La Llorona” was released in ’97.  And the latest CD makes my PoOPlist for 2009. Very sad. And she was born in Big Indian, NY Her site: Lhasa de Sela Share

2 vids on 1 song from Major Lazer – One more disturbing that the last

I had really hoped against hope that this most obvious of all the hits on the Major Lazer record would be selling shedloads by now, but it was not to be. But “Keep It Going Louder” has yielded two very distinctive vids. The first is somewhat normal, the other is … not. Major Lazer Keep It Goin’ Louder feat. Nina Sky and Ricky Blaze official music video (October 09) Directed by Eric Wareheim. Oddly captivating, dunno why. Share

PoOPster Hubris Warning: The Decade in Music Genre Hype

Funny and insightful, Christopher R. Weingarten (he of the 1000 twittered album reviews) has “a solemn tribute to the once-hot-shit trends that (mostly) won’t be joining us in the ’10s” New York Music – The Decade in Music Genre Hype Serves as a sobering grounding for those of us compiling our PoOP lists this week… right? Share