OT – The White House Asks: Whats Blocking Innovation in America? – Answer: IP Laws

Groklaw is a very useful, very dense site covering the intersections of law and technology. PJ’s work has been invaluable in advancing understanding of the complexities of the ways in which law, and IP law in particular, influence the world we live in, the culture we consume and the technology we use to do it.

From the article:

The White House is asking us to give them ideas on what is blocking innovation in America. I thought I’d give them an honest answer. Here it is:

Current intellectual property laws are blocking innovation.

President Obama just set a goal of wireless access for everyone in the US, saying it will spark innovation. But that’s only true if people are allowed to actually do innovative things once they are online.

You have to choose. You can prop up old business models with overbearing intellectual property laws that hit innovators on the head whenever they stick their heads up from the ground; OR you can have innovation. You can’t have both. And right now, the balance is away from innovation.

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Groklaw – The White House Asks: Whats Blocking Innovation in America? – My Answer: IP Laws.

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