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Mike Jurkovic Poop 2018

purposely obtuse obfuscation points (christmas letter) 2018 One of the many blessings of this time of year is the chance it gives me to connect with you, my friends, family, and fellow poopers. So save for an exquisite month w/the missus in England and Ireland, (even if were were strolling towards Churchill’s War Room that August morn of the London terrorist act); my book, Blue Fan Whirring being published; swift kicking Faso in the balls, Calling All Poets entering its…

Mike Jurkovic Poop 2017

fuck 17
I know we all know someone/love someone/hate someone who said
Wow! I’m glad that fuckin’ year’s over when 2017 finally broke.
But wasn’t it a prologue in many ways? A year older/closer/nearer the fire?
And who knew that fire was a bushland combustion,
devouring our time/our senses/our songs?
Who knew the forward rate of spread
would be so rapid? The department of this/the department of that
acting as accelerants, torching canopy and street. Leaping fire breaks
w/a single bound. An uncontrolled disaster. The coup behind
the theatrics. A smoldering transition scorching the air.
Great vertical differences you feel in your bed/your shower/your soul.
A stack effect, for sure, as air rises when it’s heated. Birthing new updrafts,
sucking the air from the baby’s room.

Mike Jurkovic Poop 2016

well that frikkin year couldn’t end fuckin fast enough could it? Lord, what a cruel, cruel joke. a three-hundred-sixty-five-day punchline without a laugh for the little guy. a running obit. everything grey like dickens. duke’s indigo faded to Beijing smog and wildfire smoke. w/o getting deep into the existential weeds, it was a fuck of a year and the election was just the tip of the iceberg. o we fucked that up big time. but I and thousands of others…

Mike Jurkovic – Poop 2014

if we had all died in a Koch-ian fossil fuck in twentyfourteen, here’s what I woulda been singin’ or listenin’ to when the flashpoint came.     Buy New or Used via Amazon           Rent via iTunes [?] 1) Bob Dylan and The Band – The Basement Tapes Complete Collectors, myself included, have had these dark, surreal cosmic jokes and murder ballads in bootleg form for, oh I dunno, eight hundred years? To have them all in…

Mike Jurkovic Poop 2013

Another year of grasping at straws And this is what I heard Wise Up Ghost Costello w/Roots snarlin’ at the wankers, Karen Grainger Shiver & Sigh Love bitin’ blues from an LA lady Miles, Chick, Holland, Wayne and DeJohnette Bootleg: Europe 69 Jarrett’s Concerts Bregenz Muchen Elton, Bernie ‘n Tbones’ Diving Board Mingus’ Jazz Workshops and Potter’s Sirens Neko’s The Worse Things Get . . . among the best McCartney’s New and perhaps concerts without the other three Speaking of…

Mike Jurkovic Poop ’11

occupy poop! it’s embarrassing to think anyone still cares about this crap or even has the time to ponder it based on the sands of time runnin’ out on our democracy. . . that the only music we should have been listening to & adding our ragged voices to was the global chant for justice & equality, but since mark asked – no decisive order as usual – just what distracted me from firebombing goldman sachs or lifted my spirits…

Mike Jurkovic Poop ’10

poop 10 . . .wire 29 . . .so little to get excited about in this banana republic awash in oil, cancer, campaign money, boehner’s tears, and palin’s illiterate army of Tucson terrorists. . . Maura Kennedy’s darkly ebullient ‘Parade of Echoes’, the Trapps ‘Cheap Seats’ and rediscovering Dexter Gordon’s 60’s Blue Note Sessions Box. . . . the rustic sensuality of Eliza Blue. The ‘Exile’ remaster was a scream ‘n a hoot until Glenn Beck marched on Washington. Providing…

The Grand Slambovians @ Bearsville Theater, Saturday, Nov 27 9pm

Fresh ‘n feisty from triumphantly advancing their contagious and quirky Americana from Glasgow to Penzance in ye olde UK, alt-roots DIY’ers Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams bring their haunting signature songs and sincerity back to the Hudson Highlands from whence it originated.  But myth is a must in the mind-space of  Slambovia, and Woodstock’s Bearsville Theater is pleased to loudly premiere the advent of  “The Grand Slambovians”  which is both the band’s latest reincarnation and the title…

The Trapps

  Saturday, November 13,  8pm  $10 Howland Cultural Center 477 Main Beacon, NY 12508 914-474-7758 For information and tickets, please visit Handicapped accessible.                    Limited seating.                        Geo-thermally heated & cooled. New Paltz’s nationally recognized roots band returns to rock the Grand Hall at Howland!

Professor Louie & Special Guests

Friday, September, 24th    8pm     $15 Howland Cultural Center 477 Main, Beacon, NY 12508 For information and tickets, please visit Handicapped accessible.      Limited seating.                        Geo-thermally heated & cooled. About Professor Louie Tagged Prof. “Louie” by the late vocalist/bassist Rick Danko of The Band, our world travelin’, barrel-housin’ Professor co-produced, engineered and performed on The Band’s last three CD’s, “Jericho”, “High On The Hog” and “Jubilation”. A highly touted multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, other production credits include Danko’s “Live On Breeze Hill”…

Mike Jurkovic Poop 09

poop o mine 09 just as I thought the country had turned a great corner, I come to realize it’s more fucked than ever. Now I gotta intelligently (a word obsolete in our manner & discourse) disinter what sucked from what didn’t (a line harder & harder to discern as my eyes and interest flee south). Hell man, I’m not Glenn Beck the great anesthesia stooge. I can’t lead you from the darkness. so I don’t know what the best…

Bruce’s Not So Great As They Say New Disc

Bruce Springsteen – Working On A Dream From Springsteen we’ve come to expect, if not outright demand, the rich, multi-hued detail of every moment, making ‘Working On A Dream’s weird one: It sounds real good but what does it mean? Springsteen has always taken his heralded influences and made them work for him but here he works for them and, opposite his granite rep, doesn’t always get the job done. If these dark ages really were the old radio glory…