Mike Jurkovic Poop ’10

poop 10 . . .wire 29 . . .so little to get excited about in this banana republic awash in oil, cancer, campaign money, boehner’s tears, and palin’s illiterate army of Tucson terrorists. . . Maura Kennedy’s darkly ebullient ‘Parade of Echoes’, the Trapps ‘Cheap Seats’ and rediscovering Dexter Gordon’s 60’s Blue Note Sessions Box. . . . the rustic sensuality of Eliza Blue. The ‘Exile’ remaster was a scream ‘n a hoot until Glenn Beck marched on Washington. Providing a needed smile on a tired progressive’s face, The Sails,’ ‘A Headful of Stars’ proves that head Sail Michael Gagliano really is the love child of XTC’s Andy Partridge and World Party’s Karl Wallinger. . .

Peter Gabriel – May, Radio City – was transformative, blood cells and orchestra. PJ’s tour finale – MSG, 5/22 – truly a once-in-a-lifetime show reaffirming why I fell in love with rock ‘n roll in the first place. Sir Mac lookin’ awfully tired in Philly but still a wondrous “Sing The Changes” . . .if I may so shill for a moment, the small though memorable music made at the Howland in Beacon – Kristin Hoffmann, the Rambin’ Jug Stompers, the Trapps, Marc Von Em – should move you all to check us out this year. . . Lelia Broussard’s ‘Hipster Bitch’ would make a great single.

Lennon turnin’ 70 – imagine no possessions and Yoko rewriting history at will by not including ‘Live Peace’, ‘Two Virgins’ and its twin avant sisters, ‘Menlove Avenue’ and the live ‘One On One’ to the signature box. Even tho I’m convinced any of us cardio-rehabbing bootleggers could have put together a more revealing ‘alternative Darkness’ disc, Bruce’s ‘Darkness’ box is excessive but joyous. Now on to ‘The River’ and ‘Nebraska’ . . .can it be that Dylan’s ‘Witmark Demos’ really is the best thing out there after nearly fifty years?

New books on old things: Peter Doggett’s “You Never Give Me Your Money” and Sean Wilentz “Dylan In America” were great but Keef’s “Life” takes the prize hands down. I barely remember going to the movies tho ‘Shock Doctrine’ and ‘Inside Job’ were
must sees. True fuckin’ Grit & King’s Speech were awesome and Black Swan I’m sure increased valium ingestion but it might be time to forget Hollywood. They got all the tax breaks and we got Jackass 3 . . .

‘Le Noise’ was cool for all of 20 minutes unlike Elton & Leon’s ‘The Union’ where “flags and bullets fly” from “Gone To Shiloh” which still stays close to my player along with the on-hand cash to blow this sad state of affairs and get out of the country when the American electorate (ie: the Wal-Martians) get their way and give the chains to the corporations. . . and since I mentioned books, I recommend we go back to history before they ban it and lock you up for treason. Start with HW Brands’ Ben Franklin bio ‘The First American’ : “The riches of a country are to be valued by the quantity of labor they are able to purchase and not the quantity of the silver and gold they possess”

jan 2011