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Mark Zip Poop 2020

Róisín Murphy, Nick Cave, Fabric presents Chase & Status, Yello, Tara Clerkin Trio.HAIM, Run the Jewels, Four Tet, Fontaines D.C., Phoebe Bridgers, Cabaret Voltaire, Soccer Mommy, Grimes, Disclosure, The Orielles, Ninja Tune on Repeat playlist, The Avalanches,

Mark Zip Poop 2017

Jlin / Bicep / Four Tet / Saint Etienne / Slowdive / Trio Da Kali & Kronos Quartet / St. Vincent / Lorde / Stormzy / The xx / Sampha / Omar Souleyman / Peverelist

BBC coverage of Sonar 2010 – Includes DJ sets (Joy Orbison!), songs, interviews

The Sonar festival in Barcelona has become a vital part of the European festival circuit. And by far the most important to the exposure of new electronic-based music. Billed as a festival of “Advanced Music and Multimedia Art”, the booking ranges far and wide (ie. it’s not just banging house and trance, or even just “dance” music) and the organizers ask various luminaries to curate various sections. In keeping with the multimedia aspect of the festival, the BBC has put together a series of audio snapshots of the event. Each picture in the Flash window sits over a link to…

“Hold On” by Rusko w/ Amber Coffman gets official vid!

Unlike the earlier vid for “Woo Boost”, this one pretty much straight ahead. Featuring our hero on the decks and standard pix of kids having a good time at a rave. Ho-hum, but still a reeeeaaallllyyyy good track from his new LP. Features Amber Coffman from Dirty Projectors. What really makes it for me is the drop at 0:29. The vid expresses that nicely, with Rusko arriving at the gig and hitting the crowd with the bass.

Official vid for Rusko “Woo Boost” – @MadDecent blows it again?

Mad Decent just posted this, the official vid for one of our favourite choons from the last 14 months, “Woo Boost” by Rusko: They are readying release of his first full length “O.M.G.” for May 2010 and this will be the first single. As is the norm these days (and especially at Mad Decent), there will be a ton of collaborators on the project. The hope, obviously, is that his over the top, almost frat-boy, version of the noisy and wobbly end of dubstep will make it through to the US dancefloor and pop massive. Hey, if anyone can do…

NSFW – New Massive Attack vid

Massive Attack (feat. Hope Sandoval) “Paradise Circus”. The video is directed by Toby Dye and features Georgina Spelvin discussing her part in the notorious “Devil in Miss Jones”. Her remembrances and insights are intercut with scenes from the original film and the soundtrack is the MA song. The overall effect is fascinating, alternately haunting and disturbing, and never less than thought provoking. NSFW. Sandoval plays the role of Massive-Attack-languorous-female-singer. Shara Nelson, Tracey Thorn and Sinead O’Connor have previously filled this spot in the MA soundscape. (opens in new window) (removed original embed due to autoplay)

John Stewart Poop 09

In Memoriam to Jack Goldberg! Proprietor of Jack’s Rhythms and an all around mensch. I give my condolences to his family and friends. We disagreed on baseball. He was a Red Sox fan, me a Bronx Bombers fan. But he loved baseball and I think more then music? That was his passion, I am glad he got to see his team win twice toward the end of his life. Even if it was at the expense of my team. Did I mention I miss the guy? I do! Top 10 New Releases for 2009 This list is in no particular…

What if you like a tune but it might be bad for the world (#389 in a series)

Uffie feat. Mr Oizo – MCs Can Kiss Annie Mac played it the other day and the context made it sound good enough to listen to again. On my fifth listen I am still conflicted. Her attitude is great, but the beat isn’t. Her lyrics are stupid/fun but the flow ain’t fine. The hook is sharp but …. Oh I give up. Perhaps this is the natural end product of the “poptimist” critical approach. BTW: Starkey did a remix – and for once it is not too good.

What Would You Do If I Sang Autotune

Wow. A while back we all commented on the amazingly bad Ringo Starr TV appearance on the Daily Show. Here are the Evolution Control Committee with their version…. BTW, singing out of tune while lip synching to the real tune is very difficult. Thanks to MarkR for the tip

People who died… NYT disses Lux Interior

NYT has a good musical video necrology of 2009: But Lux Interior is missing. Wonder if the Grammys one will include him. Wonder how the Grammys one will match up with this one. I suspect that there will substantially more MJ in the Grammy one, what with his kids showing up and all. You’ll have to tell me, as I almost certainly won’t be watching. Thanks to Lazygal for the spot.

Mark Zip Poop 09

  Buy New or Used through amazon  OR   @ eMusic Major Lazer – Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do A collaboration between Diplo and Switch and a whole bunch of others (Nina Sky, Ricky Blaze, Prince Zimboo). This was my favourite by far this year. A completely mad mix of Jamaican dancehall, techno, cheese, judiciously applied Auto-tune (yes, yes, I know, I know) and other assorted flotsam and jetsam of dance music from the last 5 years. Diplo has been at the top of the game for the last five years at least here he combines it all into…

Another R.I.P. – Yabby You

Try his dreader than dread Blood and Fire release Jesus Dread (unfortunately, the CD appears to be out of print) Find it at (1972-1977) OR Download it from eMusic (much cheaper!)

Tim Broun Poop 09

Try as I might, 2009 seems to be the year I officially entered old-fartdom. I could only find one single new studio recorded release that I felt enthusiastic enough about to include on this list.   Buy New or Used through amazon 01. Kraftwerk – Remasters (Astralwerks)   Buy New or Used through amazon 02. Tom Waits – Glitter & Doom (Anti)   Buy New or Used through amazon 03. Tom Waits – Orphans (vinyl version) (Anti)   Buy @ amazon   OR   Buy @ eMusic 04. Charles Mingus – Mingus Ah Um: 50th Anniversary Edition (Columbia Legacy)   Buy at Hip-O Select 05….