Duncan Clark Poop 2016

1. WILLIE NILE- World War Wilie – As screwed up as things were last year, this was an escape. It got played often and always made me smile. Willie is as dependable as musicians get these days. While everybody else struggles to put out albums, this is his 5th in 7 years. And ends with a great version of “Sweet Jane.”

Rich Allen Poop 2016

World’s End Girlfriend ~ Last Waltz (Virgin Babylon)
God? Light? The prayers rise to the heavens. As the end of the world approaches, the frenzied orchestra plays its heart out: the soprano strains her voice, the violinist snaps her strings, the drummer breaks his sticks, all in vain. This is the end of kingdoms and kings, of strivings and searchings, crumpled up like a child’s paper doll, thrown in the fire, turned to ash, then blown away.

Matt Nerney Poop 2016

Well … I said my goodbyes to Bowie last year, I guess I’ll say goodbye to America as we know it this year. Not much of a joke, but it seems like we’d better laugh or we’re likely to be crying in the years to come. I did notice this year that many of the albums I had in heavy rotation were instrumental (or mostly … with wordless vocals). I wonder if I’m tired of all the senseless chatter in…

Mike Miller Poop 2016

The following lps were lovingly reissued in 2016. Pure escapism. I assume no further explanation is needed. Buy New or Used via Amazon    Rent via iTunes [?] Luciano Michelini — Anna Quel Particolare Piacere (180 gram colored vinyl pressing) Buy New or Used via Amazon    Rent via iTunes [?] Ennio Morricone – La Cugina (180 gram colored vinyl pressing) Buy New or Used via Amazon    Rent via iTunes [?] Berto Pisano – Interrabang ( 180 gram pressing) Buy via Dusty…

Fix Poop 2016

Greetings & welcome to 2017! It’s that time of year when I gush about the various bits of music, news, etc that entertained or informed me during 2016 and left me… pondering, laughing, crying, fuming – feeling alive basically. I’m including you because I believe you’ll enjoy, be mildly interested, or at least not upset. In fact lots of you have received such a message in the past. If this is the first time your receiving I hope you don’t…

Mike Jurkovic Poop 2016

well that frikkin year couldn’t end fuckin fast enough could it? Lord, what a cruel, cruel joke. a three-hundred-sixty-five-day punchline without a laugh for the little guy. a running obit. everything grey like dickens. duke’s indigo faded to Beijing smog and wildfire smoke. w/o getting deep into the existential weeds, it was a fuck of a year and the election was just the tip of the iceberg. o we fucked that up big time. but I and thousands of others…

Ken Beck Poop 2016

Go Fuck Yourself 2016 Seriously… Beck PoOp What a hellaciously bad year this has been. That is one thing we Poopsters have in agreement. I mean, I don’t expect to see anyone writing about some self-released Kid Rock or Nuge album here, right? Clearly for political reasons (he who shall not be named) but also for finding new music to honestly give a shit about, I’m down to 8 titles. One of which is simply a deluxe 3CD version of…

Main Poop Analysis 2015

2015 just might become known as the year to beat when it comes to unbridled stupidity in America. But more alarming than that, I fear that with good ol’ American gumption, the coming election year will no doubt leave it behind in the dust. Recently I learned that the oft paraphrased H.L. Mencken quote, the one about how no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people, actually had an even more apropos follow-up sentence: “Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.” But while the American political system as we know it is currently circling the drain, we the POmpous and OPinionated have responded in the best manner we know. While some of those who would be President prattle on in their assholier-than-thou vitriol, 25 POOPsters have found 10 or 25 or so causes for which to campaign, with civil discourse and free of all squirmishes (thanks, Sarah P!). Feel the POOP.

Jim Meyers Poop 2015

Courtney Barnett | Ryan Adams | Craig Finn | Twenty One Pilots | Yo La Tengo | Sturgill Simpson | Wilco | Sufjan Stevens | Jason Isbell | Alabama Shakes | Roger Lion |