Jamie Hosley Poop 08

My 2008 Albums:

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The Dodos: Visitor
This is a band that continues to grow on me. Great melodies and driving rhythms, all done in a very low-fi format. This is the band you and your college friends were always going to start.

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Blitzen Trapper: Furr
This was a recommendation from a Poopster (Matt Nerney), so on a whim before heading off for a flight to Chicago I bought a copy, I have not regretted it since. Really can’t say enough good things about this album, biggest plus for me is the range of musical styles this band handles, from country to straight rock. Seeing how this album made several best of lists for the year we will definitely be seeing more of them in the future. The title track alone is worth the price of admission and when a band includes a song whose main character is a murderer how can you really go wrong.

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Delta Spirit: Ode to Sunshine
Another band that jumps musical styles well. Delta Spirit has a real deep soulful blues quality to them which refreshing given that much music these days is moving away from this direction. Stand out tracks are Streetwalker which has a real 70’s feel to it as well as People Turn Around which brings some real thought provoking lyrics to the mix.

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TK Webb and The Visions: Ancestor
Good straight forward rock album with big drums and deep bass. Definitely a band that feels comfortable with a hook. Teen is Still Shaking is a stand out track along with Shame and Isle of Grizzly White.

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Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: Digg Lazarus Digg!!!
Can’t say enough good things about this album, great to see an older artist like Nick Cave back and stronger than ever. Stand out tracks are Dig Lazarus Dig, We Call Upon the Author and More News from Nowhere. Really, how can you go wrong with an album full of sex, death, and biblical references.

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TV on The Radio: Dear Science
Another strong release from a band that refuses to rest. Always fun to just put a TVoTR on and turn it up and let the sounds engulf you. Sad no songs about werewolves on this one but you can’t have everything.

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Illinois: What the Hell do I Know
While not a 2008 release I had to mention this one because it’s still going strong in my playlist. A great band that can go from shoe-gazer mope to spoken word riffs with a little nod to the Rolling Stones as well. Illinois also kicked off a chapter based set of EP releases back in November, each building on the last collectively known as The Adventures of Catastrophe which is worth a listen as well.

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Cloud Cult: Feel Good Ghosts
Another band that does nice job jumping genres and sounds. This is a band that is not afraid to let loose and explore, from strings to whistling, definitely an album that is good for a sit down with a good drink and some quality time.

thedogs   www.thedogsmusic.net
The Dogs: The Dogs
Good to see that Folk Rock has not faded away and that it still can be made fresh and interesting even in these times of overwhelming technology. Sometimes you just need to hear some strong vocals backed simply to make you remember why you like music in the first place. Good band, great album, get the debut for free here: http://www.thedogsmusic.net/music.html