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What I Listened to in 2008

So, who did I listen to in 2008? Well, let’s see. There was Wolf, Anderson, Campbell, David Gergin, John King, Soledad, Keith O., Chris Matthews, Rachel M., Tim (RIP – what a crime for him to die in THIS year), et al. Music just did not seem all that relevant – still doesn’t. Probably bought less music this year than in any year since puberty. I feel single-handedly responsible for the drop in CD sales. Old age? Maybe. It all just seems less important to me than it used to. So, much of the limited amount of music I bought this year comes from years gone by. Oh well.

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Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails: Vol. 1 – The Baseball Project
Baseball took on new meaning in Philadelphia this year. This record captures the joy, the minutia, and the esoterica of the greatest sport. The only sport that allows you to watch and do three other things at the same time without missing a pitch. The leisurely rhythms of the great game.

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Fate – Dr. Dog
Earthy, Americana. As retro as can be, in a good way. And local.

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Grapefruit Moon, the Songs of Tom Waits – Southside Johnny with LaBamba’s Big Band
An odd big band album, with really big horn arrangements. Some of Tom’s “greatest hits” and many obscurities.

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Haymaker – The Gourds
I remain a sucker for all things gourdsian. Even with some personnel changes, a winner.

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Jesus of Cool – Nick Lowe
Nice to go back to Nick’s heyday, great bonus Tracks. Also bought the accompanying t-shirt, but I hesitate to publically wear a shirt that states “We Finally Nailed the Jesus of Cool”

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Memories of the Bush Era:
City that Care Forgot – Dr. John and the Lower 911
Down in New Orleans – The Blind Boys of Alabama
Two stark contrasts to the Year of Obama

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Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend
I am absolutely tired of this album, not sure I ever want to hear it again but that does not diminish the fact that this is a really good debut.

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Same Old Man – John Hiatt
Same old John Hiatt, but that is fine.

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Accelerate – REM
I am so over REM, but I bought this anyway and wound up listening to it quite a bit.

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Bob Dylan Section:
Tell Tale Signs – The Bootleg Series Volume 8 – Bob Dylan
Odetta Sings Dylan – Odetta (RIP)
Red on Blonde – Tim O’Brien
Bob’s stuff – not from my favorite era, but still a good listen.
Odetta’s Dylan album is a reissued 1965 album that I used to have on vinyl.
Tim O’Brien’s album is a bluegrass hodge podge but a lot of fun

Finally, from a few years ago, a guilty pleasure:
What It Is – Funky Soul and Rare Grooves – V.A.
4 cd set of mostly non-hit funk from 1967 to 1977. Lots of fun

Take care