HEH! Prince Zimboo comes to rule…

Prince Zimboo “Love Diareha” – A fun, funny track with a great groove. This deserves to be huge. It wasn’t on YouTube yet so I cobbled something together and put it up.

Zimboo first came to our attention with his contribution to the Major Lazer record earlier this year. Despite the brevity of the track, it was obvious that the Prince was onto something…

Then I heard Toddla T play “Love Diareha” on the “In New DJs We Trust” show on BBC Radio1 at the end of August. It was just soooo different from everything else that I tortured my sister by insisting on listening to it over and over.

Just like the Major Lazer conceit, Prince Zimboo is a made-up character. He is an African Prince “from the bush” and he’s actively looking for his 1000th wife…

And yes, I do want a t-shirt which just has “Heh!” on it.

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