Duncan Clark Poop 2018

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1. SHEMEKIA COPELAND – America’s Child: She’s been recording for 20 years now but I really haven’t been following since her first album. I first started hearing bit and pieces of this CD on a Canadian radio station of all places. It hits in all the right places- good band, very political and a great duet with John Prine.

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2. KURT VILE- Bottle It In: The absolute master of the laid back guitar loop.

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3. RY COODER – The Prodigal Son: The first cd I bought last year which got played a lot. He
has tried to remain particularly relevant to the times ever since his California trilogy and even the older songs dating back to the 1920s sound particularly appropriate to current

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4. MEG BAIRD & MARY LATTIMORE – Ghost Forests: There are some musicians whose body of work just earns your respect and trust so that you just follow along to see whats next. Through her solo work as well her stints with Espers and Heron Oblivion, Baird is one of them. This collaboration ranges from David Lynch like soundscapes to a beautiful rendition of “Fair Annie” that ends the album.

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5. GLEN HANSARD – Between Two Shores: While I miss the interplay of the vocals from the Swell Season, he has since been quietly putting out wonderful collections of celtic-soul
folk-rock music.

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6. RICHARD THOMPSON – 13 Rivers: Well, he always was the prince of “doom and gloom” but even he sounds more uneasy than usual. It’s great to hear an all band album again.

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7. LOW – Double Negative: On the one hand this is a perfect soundtrack that captures the dissonance and disconnect of the times. On the other hand, did I really want a soundtrack for that?

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8. YO LA TENGO – There’s A Riot Going On: The antithesis of the Low album-sleepy, peaceful, disconnected escapism. An aural chill pill.

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9. BARRENCE WHITFIELD & THE SAVAGES – Soul Flowers of Titan: Hard core r&b from the bars.

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10. PAUL McCARTNEY – Egypt Station: The voice is beginning to show its age but the man still knows how to write a pop song with a hook better than almost anyone.

11. ST. PAUL & THE BROKEN BONES – Young Sick Camellia: If this is a concept album, the concept escapes me but with the Daptone bands in disarray, this is one of the tightest soul bands around these days.
12. ROLLING BLACKOUTS C.F. – Hope Downs: Remote descendants of the Easybeats,
Hoodoo Gurus, etc? We’ll see.
13. COURTNEY BARNETT – Tell Me How You Really Feel: One of the things I enjoyed about her first album was the wit and humor that she showed which is now totally absent. Still engaging but decidedly darker.
14. LOREENA MCKENNITT- Lost Souls: She could have been referring to herself as these are her first new songs in 12 years. It doesn’t stray from her earlier mixture of world, folk and celtic influences.
15. JOHNNY CLEGG – King Of Time: An important civil rights activist and figure in South African and World music, this apparently will be his farewell if the reports of his health are accurate.
16. GREEN SEAGULL – Scarlet Fever: I heard one their songs on Bill Kelly’s show and tried to guess how old the song was. I was off by about 50 years- always a good sign.
17. ROSANNE CASH – She Remembers Everything,
18. THE GRIP WEEDS – Trip Around The Sun.
19. AMANDA SHIRES – To The Sunset: Not at all what I was expecting from Mrs. Isbell. This a pop album until the dark brutality of the final song hits you in the face.
20. DAVID BYRNE – American Utopia: Most of the songs hold up on their own but in the context of his concert at UPAC last year, everything worked.
21. NORMA WATERSON & ELIZA CARTHY – Anchor: Eliza actually did separate albums with each parent last year. Norma’s was the better of the discs as its more varied and she’s been MIA for the past 8 years.
22. NEKO CASE – Hell-On: Also had a hell of a concert last year at the Bardavon.
23. OLIVIA CHANEY – Shelter: After her tribute to English folk rock with the Decemberists in Offa Rex last year, it would appear from her solo album that her other influence was early 70’s Laurel Canyon.
24. TREMBLING BELLS – Dungeness: A wonderful mishmash of folk-psychedelic-Floyd Bowie from a band that seems not to be sure what it wants to be. I’m not sure where they
are going after this having just lost their lead vocalist.
25. THE MAHONES – Love + Death + Redemption: The Pogues had a song “Down All The Days” which ended in a whirling cacophony of celtic instruments that I always liked. Apparently so did the Mahones as the entire album sounds like that.


1. THE BEATLES – (The White Album). The first CD I ever bought was the White Album and I remember being disappointed in how flat it sounded. All is forgiven with this collection.
2. HUGH MASEKELA – 66-76: My introduction to jazz (and world music as it turns out) was Masekela’s performance in the Monterey Pop film. It was a couple of decades before I’d start searching out the older albums but this 3 CD collection gives all the highlights.
3. JOHN COLTRANE – Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album: It’s mind boggling that this session just sat in a drawer somewhere for 55 years.
4. GENE CLARK – Sings For You: Not sure if anything is left but the past couple of years have seen several collections that demonstrate just how good a singer and writer Clark was.
5. BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING CO. – Sex, Dope & Cheap Thrills: Another favorite album from 1968. They weren’t the best musicians ever to play with Joplin, but they were the perfect group for her.


1. DAVID BYRNE – UPAC, Kingston NY March 10, 2018
2. ROGER MCGUINN, CHRIS HILLMAN & MARTY STUART Celebrating the “Sweethearts of the Rodeo” album – The Egg, Albany NY Sept. 18, 2018
3. TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND & THE DRIVE BY TRUCKERS – Meadowbrook, Gilford NH July 7, 2018
4. RICHARD THOMPSON BAND – The Egg, Albany NY Nov. 17, 2018
5. NEKO CASE – The Bardavon, Poughkeepsie NY Sept. 21, 2018

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