Duncan Clark Poop ’10

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1. THE IMAGINED VILLAGEEmpire & Love: The project is premised on the belief that traditional folk music was never intended to be static or relegated to history in the form that a generation finds it. It was meant to be poked, adapted, stretched and reflective of the times and society to be passed on to the future. That apparently includes old Slade songs.

cover of DAVID HIDALGO & LOUIE PEREZ -The Long Goodbye
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cover of LOS LOBOS - Tin Can Trust
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2. DAVID HIDALGO & LOUIE PEREZThe Long Goodbye and LOS LOBOSTin Can Trust: The former celebrates a musical partnership and friendship that dates back 40 years while the latter demonstrates that they (and the rest of the band) are still going strong with one of their most focused albums in years.

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3. THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERSTogether: Their concert last year at the Bearsville Theater was my favorite show last year. The band was having a great time and its reflected in the album.

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4. RAY LaMONTAGNE & THE PARIAH DOGSGod Willin’ & The Creek Don’t Rise: I’m not exactly hoping for a comeback of the singer- songwriter movement of the 70s but when the songs are as well written as this, it’s tough to ignore.

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5. THE BLACK KEYSBrothers: This is the first of their records to really catch my attention. I was already familiar with their blues, garage and rock blend. What got me about this album was how soulful it was.

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6. SHARON JONES & THE DAP-KINGSI learned The Hard Way: I have become a stone cold convert to the Daptone reclamation of old school soul music. The real thing.

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7. ARCADE FIREThe Suburbs: I don’t know if this will have the staying power that Funeral does but it has some great songs

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8. JONSIGo: Only to hold me over until the next Sigur Ros album. He paints with sounds and voices- sort of an Icelandic Brian Wilson.

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9. SUSAN COWSILLLighthouse: Due to one massive storm and the subsequent gross incompetence by the government, Cowsill lost her home, her brother and her city. It’s a moving album about grieving, surviving, rebuilding and moving on. And she sings her ass off.

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10. MAVIS STAPLESYou Are Not Alone: In the past several years she has had the good fortune to be working with some heavyweight collaborators. The last album was with Ry Cooder and this time out she has Jeff Tweedy whose title song is one of the best songs he has ever written.

11. ROBERT PLANTBand of Joy: These days Plant is proving that he has pretty good knack for picking material to cover as well as collaborators. This disc owes almost as much to Buddy Miller as it does to Plant himself.
12. MUMFORD & SONSSigh No More: Contrary to popular belief, the world really does need another massively popular English folk band doing anthem like songs.
13. MICHAEL FRANTI & SPEARHEADThe Sound of Sunshine: I miss the politics that made Yell Fire so powerful but I’m still along for the party.
14. JESSE MALIN & THE ST. MARKS SOCIALLove It to Life: Has a nice punky edge to it.
15. RICHARD THOMPSONDream Attic: He has always been the consummate live performer so doing a live album of all new material is not that much of a stretch.
16. THE DOUGHBOYSAct Your Rage: I don’t know what they were like in their first go round 40 years ago, but they have released 2 terrific albums since 2008.
17. VAMPIRE WEEKENDContra: Almost disturbingly smart, catchy and thanks to massive marketing, inescapable.
18. DROPKICK MURPHYS Live On Lansdowne Boston Ma.: A live album by the most explosive live band that I’ve seen in the past 10 years.
19. FISTFUL OF MERCYAs I Call You Down: A respectable effort by Messrs. Harrison, Arthur and Harper (or HAH as they will famously become known in the future).
20. BELLOWHEADHedonism: Sort of an English take on Rum, Sodomy & the Lash. Much more refined and polished but sounding sinister.
21. NEIL YOUNGLe Noise: Growing old with Neil in the garage asking age old questions about life. He is not going gracefully into the night.
23. FRIGHTENED RABBITThe Winter Of Mixed Drinks: “Swim Until You Can’t See Land” was my favorite song last year. This Scottish group also gets the award for best album title.
24. KATE RUSBYMake the Light: All original material this time around. Listening to her is like sitting around a village green.
25. BAND OF HORSESInfinite Arms: Part of what appears to be a growing trend of groups (ie Fleet Foxes, Midlake) that place an emphasis on tight harmonies.

1. BRUCE SPRINGSTEENThe Promise: In retrospect, the missing link that thematically fits in perfectly between the Born To Run and Darkness albums.
2. JONI MTCHELL, JAMES TAYLOR & PHIL OCHSAmchitka: The benefit concert that launched the maiden Greenpeace voyage.
3. BOB DYLANThe Witmark Demos: 1962-1964: Through numerous bootlegs, most of these songs are pretty familiar but hearing them in this context and in the short period they cover, the maturing of Dylan’s skills is nothing short of remarkable.
4. MOBY GRAPELive: The weakest song here is the long psychedelic jam. They were a great rock and blues band.
5. RICHARD & LINDA THOMPSONShoot Out The Lights Deluxe: Primarily for the bonus live disc from what everybody seems to agree was the tour from Hell.