This is what record collectors look like… (well, some of them…)

Rachel Ratner , Seattle ; with album: Jaques Du Tronc Claribel Sanchez ,Harlem, NYC ; with album: Duke Ellington, Keith Glass, Mobile, AL ; with album: 45 EP of my old 60's band

A fun set of pictures with a wide variety of people and records. This is why the WFMU Record Fair is different. Go here to see all 230 of the pictures: Dust & Grooves Photo Booth at The WFMU Record Fair 2010, NYC.
Or here for the project home site: Dust and Grooves: WFMU
Or here for the public page in the walled garden of Facebook

P.S. At least two poopsters are in the gallery. At least one of those two is showing the wear and tear of a three day record show…