Susan Lyne Poop 02

(I am a POOPster intern. I don’t even own 10 new albums from 2002, in fact I really just want the POOPster log to read more than anything. But…(stealing a page from STP) here are my top 10 musical moments for 2002):

1.The Handsome Family, Live at Schuba’s, (2002) — The Handsome Family can do no wrong, well almost. Their songs are great and Brett’s voice stops me in my tracks, especially in ‘Arlene’ one of my favorite of all their songs ever. The silly banter between tracks on this album left me wishing I only knew their singing voices. They do have some of the best song titles (My Sister’s Tiny Hands, Moving Furniture Around, She Awoke With A Jerk) and who cares if you know they know?

2.Bruce Springsteen, The Rising (2002) — Sor-ry.

3.Aimee Mann, Lost In Space (2002) — I’m usually not a big ‘girl band’ fan (with the major exceptions of X, The Pretenders, The Breeders, The Marine Girls) but after hearing Aimee Mann in the soundtrack for ‘Magnolia’ just can’t get enough of her. She is really swell.

4.Buena Vista Bluegrass Festival, Buena Vista, Virginia (July, 2002) — Now if you were from Virginia you might know that it is pronounce BU-na VIS-ta. Made me all misty eyed that I left this great state. A yearly festival held in the mountains – this is the REAL deal; no yankees dressed up as country musicians (well, maybe a few). Most were bands of family members competing on stage. Lots manly-tanned-farmer-types out on the dance floor in overalls with their ladies or alone. People camping out for the weekend; many small groups playing sweetly, around dimly lit travel trailers in fallow fields backlit by a Shenandoah sunset and food truck string lights.

5.My new-used Pioneer receiver (model SX 580) — that my nice ebay addict boyfriend gave me. It helped me back into my vinyl all over 2002.

6.Punch Drunk Love (2002) — An Emily Watson/Adam Sandler movie that I wanted to like but didn’t really. But for some reason I remember liking the soundtrack a lot, and Emily too.

7.Bollywood Rough trade (2002) — I know it’s trendy but I am not opposed to this new Bollywood craze in the slightest. There’s one called Bollywood Funk that I wonder about too.

8.Darwin Lee Hill Jr. — Showing his special footage and sharing his special knowledge of Hank Williams and early country. A heartfelt gathering,that was held near the anniversary of Hank’s death.

9.Rediscovering The Clash — Right before Joe Strummer died. London Calling was left on the turntable when I went away for the holidays and Joe was gone when I returned.

10.Cachao, Lou Rawls, Sammi Smith and Frank Black in my house — There is never a bad time for any of them. Oh, and Doug Harrel/The Doug and Pony Show/ WKZE too.

Susan Lyne
Germantown, NY