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2016 in POOP
Looking back over the last 12 months I thought it was going to be hard to find things that are specifically 2016 but spending the last few days reviewing a ton of stuff looking for those that have 2016 stamped on them proved to be a fun exercise. There was some great freaking music made last year.
My list from last year included a bunch of things that were new to me in the 2015, but not new. This year it will be all 2016 releases.

Buy Nels Cline – Lovers New or Used via Amazon
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1. Nels Cline – Lovers.
This really is my favorite record of 2016. A great collection of romantic Jazz tunes (covers and originals) put together by one of the most accomplished Guitar players almost any of us have the fortune to go see. The musical direction on this record harkens back to the “musical” era of Hollywood in the 40’s and early 50’s when music and art helped to transport the country and the world to a better place. (Something we all need now)

Buy Larry Young – In Paris The ORTF Recordings New or Used via Amazon
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2. Larry Young – In Paris The ORTF Recordings
I’ve been a huge fan of Larry Young for years, so when I caught wind that a double LP of newly found old recordings was coming out I could not wait! These are some of the sessions that helped further develop the sound that make Larry Young’s Blue Note records some of the best ever! Being a collector, the packaging is also top notch and worth checking out

Rent Oliver Wilde – Long Hold Star an Infinite Abduction via Amazon
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3. Oliver Wilde – Long Hold Star an Infinite Abduction
Classify this one as totally random find of 2016 that became one of my favorites. Oliver Wilde is a pretty ethereal /arty act out of the UK. This record lifts your soul up and gently floats it around the room. It’s a great feeling record with unique instrumentation and a sense of melancholy that will remind folks of some of the mid 90’s shoegaze stuff.

Buy Marisa Anderson – Into the Light New or Used via Amazon
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4. Marisa Anderson – Into the Light
Marisa Anderson really taps into this old timey world of acoustic beauty. It was her collection of public domain songs (in 2014) that caught my attention first and made me eagerly await her next record. Along with her contemporaries like Daniel Bachman, Steve Gunn, William Tyler, Glenn Jones etc., Marisa Anderson is reminding us just how beautiful and powerful a solo guitar player can be.

Rent Titanic Titanic – Del Champion via Amazon
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5. Titanic Titanic – Del Champion
This is a local band for me so I’m assuming not on most folks radar, but Del Champion is a fantastic release. It’s an honest rock record with catchy hooks, ripping guitar and hard yet soft vocals.

Buy Music Band – Wake Up Laughing New or Used via Amazon
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6. Music Band – Wake Up Laughing
This is another one I randomly found that grabbed me and kept me clicking play. I’d compare them to the Black Crowes, the Replacements, and even the Lemonheads a bit, but there is more to these guys then just comparisons. Music Band is a great rock band that could easily continue to carry the jam band/rock band genre forward. Like some of the other things listed I’m betting the live shows are off the hook.

Buy Attic Abasement – Dream News New or Used via Amazon
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7. Attic Abasement – Dream News
2 things about this one really made me perk up and listen. 1. Stripped down rock. This is a band that I’ll bet on stage sounds just like the record. It is what it is, which is good song writing and catchy tunes. 2. Rochester NY. It’s been since the late 80’s since I stumbled upon a band from my hometown out of the blue that really grabbed me. – Go Upstate!

Rent DM Stith – Pigeonheart via Amazon
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8. DM Stith – Pigeonheart
I would put this one is the same board as Oliver Wilde. It’s trippy mellow pop that lifts you up and floats gently around. (It’s a theme – Just go with it). Also, He’s originally from Buffalo NY (2nd theme- Go Upstate again!) Sufjan Stevens is responsible for signing this guy and helping get his stuff out there…so that should put some context on the genre for you.

Buy Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motel Band ~ the Rarity of Experience New or Used via Amazon
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9. Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band – The Rarity of Experience
This was one of my most anticipated records of the year. Chris Forsyth rocks. His guitar playing grabs you shakes you up and makes you want to get up and yell “Heck Yeah!” This record clocks in at over an hour (which is also nice) and is a trippy rocking listen that harkens back to the age when guitar driven rock rules.

Rent Kal Marks – Life is Alright, Everybody Dies via Amazon
Rent Kal Marks – Life is Alright, Everybody Dies via Amazon    Rent via iTunes [?]
10. Kal Marks – Life is Alright, Everybody Dies
I dig this record. I know very little about Kal Marks, but this record transported me back to the 80’s and 90’s indie rock scene with screaming vocals and a hint of guitar/drum math rock sensibility without really going there. It’s a strong hard record worth bobbing up and down to.

Other Notables this year:
Kurt Vile/Steve Gunn – Parallelogram
Great singer songwriter meets great guitar player/songwriter – A great collaborative EP from 2 people that continue to put our great creative beautiful music.
Daniel Bachman (put out 2 records worth a listen)
Daniel Bachman – (self-titled) – This one sees some great experimentation with effects and other atmospheric sounds.
River – This one I would call more traditional Daniel Bachman – Really great Fahey inspired guitar compositions.
Cinemechanica – Cinemechanica
Are you like me and screaming “I need more Don Caballero inspired style math rock?
If so, look no further. Cinemechanica delivers tight fast and complex rock all over this record!
Some great atmospheric sounds from Califones Rutili and Session player Craig Ross.
Peaky Blinders – Soundtrack
I’m not ever sure an official one exists, but there are enough collections on Spotify that make it worth searching out. Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, White Stripes, and more.
Luke Cage – Soundtrack
Faith Evans, Sharon Jones and great music by Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammed make this one of 2016s best soundtracks.

2017 is going to be an interesting year for all of us. I can only hope that the political climate inspires some of the greatest art we’ve seen since the Regan years! While in some ways I fear what is coming, I truly look forward to the music it will fuel!

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