Shock! Rage Against the Machine swearing on BBC Radio 5 live

The UK Christmas Number One Single tradition has lead to all sorts of silly stuff over the years (Oasis vs. Blur for one), but the last few years have been dominated by awful, treacly pop songs spewing from the “winners” (or “indentured servants”, take your pick) of  Simon Cowell’s X-Factor TV show. In the last few weeks a strong campaign has developed to make Rage Against the Machine the number one single this christmas.  The campaign is specifically targeted at the Cowell machine, so the choice of RATM is particularly apt.  The song the campaign has chosen is “Killing in the Name” , with its multiple repetitions of  “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me”.

Some idiot producer decided that it would be a good idea to devote a section to the campaign on the national breakfast/pop/talk/morning radio show on the BBC Talk/Sports channel Radio 5.

via YouTube – Rage Against the Machine on BBC Radio 5 live – Killing in the Name .

Nice to hear Tom, Zack and the band are just as articulate and fierce as ever… And how did the producers at the beeb possibly believe that the band would NOT swear!!!!!!??????  What is the beeb gonna do, ban RATM from the airwaves?

The bookies have suspended action on the Christmas single line because the Rage track appears to be ahead by more than 10 percent. And, yes, the song was released in 1992.