RIP Mister Magic

He died this morning, apparently of a heart attack. A true hip hop pioneer, one whose show, “Mr. Magic’s Rap Attack“, I listened to religiously whenever I was close to the signal (and sometimes when I wasn’t). Somewhere in the stacks I have a beat up cassette tape of one of his mixes (this is not it, but it’s close) from 83 or 84.  Just the damn coolest. You see, kids, many years ago we were not able to listen to everything all the time from everywhere ‘cos we didn’t have no intarwebs. Just the “World’s Best Lookin’ Sound” (WBLS) (who have not mentioned his death on their site AFAIK)

The estimable J smooth has posted a transcript of an interview he did in ’95. A fascinating read: Mister Magic & Mister Cee Interview, 1995