Praveen Sharma Poop 03

I’ve been shitted on list 2003

Hi everyone- Praveen here to serve up your yearly dose of the illest electronic and hip hop beats…

Lots going on with Percussion Lab, check out the 24/7 stream on to hear my recommendations, exclusive mixes, video, Pictures and more. The live show is on Friday nights, 12-2am on WVKR (91.3fm) (

In no particular order…

* Prefuse 73: Extinguished Outtakes (Warp Records)
* Dabrye: Payback 12″ (Ghostly International)
* Verbose: Observe (Neo Ouija)
* Xela: For Frosty Mornings and Summer Nights (Neo Ouija)
* Maps And Diagrams: Polytuft Tech (Expanding Records)
* Meanest Man Contest: Merit (Plug Research)
* MF Doom As Victor Vaughn: Vaudville Villian (Sound Ink)
* Autechre: Draft 7.0 (Warp Records)
* Apparat: Duplex (Shitkatapult)
* Various Artists: MAS Confusion (Muik Aus Strom)
* Dudley Perkins: A Lil Light (Stones Throw)
* Yasume: Where we’re from the birds sing… (City Centre Offices)
* Ulrich Schnauss: A Strangely Isolated Place (City Centre Offices)
* Morgan Caney: Magic Radios (City Centre Offices)
* Ellen Alien: Berlinette (Bpitch Control)
* Proswell: Carrot Dossier (Merck)
* Riow Arai: Mind Edit (Leaf)

Be Sure to check out my upcoming releases on Expanding Records, Neo Ouija Records and Ai Records! Hopefully available through Rhino Records in New Paltz!

Much love for the coming year 2004. Hope 2003 was fantastic to you all!

Peace, Praveen

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