PoOPList 2015 – Call for submissions – You PoOPin?


Here is the annual plea for PoOP, as circulated by Our Fearless Leader, Mark Rosen.
BTW, Mark Rosen, The Fearless Poop Leader is not the same Mark as the Mark Zip who runs this website.

To the POmpous and OPinionated:

You POOPin?

If you’re getting one of these for the first time, POOP is our annual exercise in self-importance wherein we compile “Best Of 2015′ lists, to be published in a quaint ol’ print edition as well as online. This year will be our 29th annual exercise in swillification.

A refresher about the rules and deadlines is in order:

  • Limit yourself to what would be 2 sides of 8×11 paper. Leave a slight margin so your swill does not get lost in the binding of the hard copy.
  • Any layout format that works for you works.
  • Copy sent as a WORD DOC is easiest for the paper publication, but not necessary. Using WORD does enable either Mark to make an occasional change to the formatting or writing error (or Springstein/Wiclo-like spelling).
  • Send one copy to Mark Rosen at Mark45rpm AT aol DOTcom
  • Send a copy to Mark Zip for digiPOOP at mark@pooplist.net
  • Freedom is not free, and neither is POOP. Even though I get the printing/binding done at a discounted price, it still costs buckage. In POOPs past I’ve left it to the POOPster to donate whatever he sees fit to donate. I now encourage a $5 minimum. I do not make ANY money on this enterprise. I am trying not to lose too much though, and a donation of at least $5 will help keep POOP flush. So to speak. I accept checks/cash sent to the address below or PayPal payments sent to my email address.
  • We no longer need a hard copy snail mailed.
  • Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested in POOPing. You can refer him/her to pooplist.net (the right-hand column) for examples of POOPs past. Increasing estrogen presence is particularly encouraged.
  • The deadline this year will be Wednesday, January 27th. Don’t get me angry.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    The Mark (Rosen)
    Supreme POOPmaster

    Mark Rosen
    10 Autumn Knoll
    New Paltz, NY 12561

  • Additional notes from the digital PoOPmaster:

  • Please put your name somewhere on your PoOP. Own it!
  • Spelling counts