POop 2014 – Call for Submissions

From our Beloved Fearless Leader:

To the POmpous and OPinionated:

Do NOT think because I’m a week late in getting this out that the deadline is going to be a week later. Get that out of your head. Now.

If you’re getting one of these for the first time, POOP is our annual exercise in self-importance wherein we compile “Best Of 2014′ lists, to be published in a print edition as well as online.

A refresher about the rules and deadlines is in order:

  • Limit yourself to what would be 2 sides of 8×11 paper. Leave a slight margin so your swill does not get lost in the binding of the hard copy.
  • Any layout format that works for you works.
  • Copy sent as a WORD DOC is easiest for me but not necessary. WORD does enable me to make an occasional change to the formatting (or Springstein/Wiclo-like spelling).

Freedom is not free, and neither is POOP. Even though I get the printing/binding done at a discounted price, it still costs buckage. In POOPs past I’ve left it to the POOPster to donate whatever he sees fit to donate. I now encourage a $5 minimum. I do not make ANY money on this enterprise. I am trying not to lose too much though, and a donation of at least $5 will help keep POOP flush. So to speak. There is a donate button at the top left of [this] website. You don’t have to have a PayPal account to donate, just a credit card.

I no longer need a hard copy snail mailed.

Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested in POOPing. You can refer him/her to pooplist.net (the right-hand column) for examples of POOPS past. Increasing the estrogen-factor is particularly encouraged.

The deadline this year will be Tuesday, January 27th. Don’t get me angry.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kim Jung-Mark Rosen
Supreme POOPmaster

Kim Il-Mark Zip
Beloved Wemaster of POoP

NOTE: If you send your copy via this website, it will be forwarded to the POoPmeister.