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nirvana - with the lights out Buy from amazon
Nirvana – With the Lights Out (DGC):
This unreal 3cd plus dvd box set deserves more than a mere paragraph to do it justice but let’s just say that it shows how unbelievably talented a band they were. Each disc offers stuff that has not been issued before. I have 4 different "unofficial" box sets of theirs and there are at least 20 tracks I don’t have. The highlights include an outtake of "Verse Chorus Verse" that sounds nothing like the version that is on the "No Alternative" disc…and it’s BETTER. Also the Outtake of "Old Age", the major jam session of "Scentless Apprentice", the cover version of "Ain’t it a Shame" and the accoustic version of "Very Ape". And let’s not forget the dvd which has amazing practice footage from the late 80’s as well as some great scenes from their tour adventures. The possibilities and potential of this band could have been endless.

the hives - tyrannosaurus hives Buy from amazon
The Hives – Tyrannosaurus Hives (Interscope):
I could honestly focus just on how there hasn’t been a song as great as "Antidote" (I still get chills EVERY time I hear the beginning iff) in many years but this
cd has much more to offer. With the exception of "Diobolic Scheme" this is about as good as it gets. I can’t say I understand how it could take this long to come out with a follow up to "Veni" but better late than never.

the monarchs - make yer own fun Buy from Shock
Monarchs – Make Yer Own Fun (Shock-Australia):
This is a straight-up hard rockin’ disc. It is Brad Shepard’s (guitarist for the Hoodoo Gurus) side project but really should get mass distribution because this disc needs to be heard. I wish the latest Gurus disc sounded this good. He really focused on the all important guitar riff. There’s even a homage to compatriots AC/DC with "Amen,
Brother". Hopefully, this isn’t a one-off project. As solid as any early Gurus disc. Discovered but not released in 2004.

the fortyfives - high life Buy from amazon
The Forty-Fives – High Life, High Volume (Yep Roc):
One of the rare situations where the review in the magazine was actually on the money. A great disc to play at that backwoods cabin party with your drinking buddies. A real fun listen. A bit poppier than my usual tastes but you can’t deny how catchy this disc is. Don’t get me wrong…there are some real toe tappin’ songs and it does lend itself to pouring the Cuervo down the gullet.

le tigre - this island Buy from amazon
Le Tigre – This Island (Universal):
The girls are back!!! What makes this band stand out is their diversity in sound. Covering the gamut from club to punk. They also do a great job vocalizing their political views to head bopping beats. Kathleen Hanna’s voice is still as upfront and powerful as ever. But all three make equal contributions to another great cd.

the brimstones - spend eternity with ... Visit website
The Brimstones – Spend Eternity With… (Infernophonic):
Discovered at my last Cramps concert adventure, these teenagers mix a wild blend of Man or Astroman? and the Bomboras. Great use of samples from TV horror-themed toy commercials and also wild backwoods religious sermons. The farfisa and surf guitar skills are amazing for such youngsters.

die hunns - long legs Buy from amazon
Die Hunns – Long Legs (Disaster):
This disc offers a great mix of covers and originals. Former US Bombs frontman, Duane, recruited Corey from Nashville Pussy to add some real spice to the mix. This is some real loud and snotty punk. Has a great old skool feeling to it. And if you ever get the chance to view the video for "Hate and Love" you can see how punks should represent in the year 2004.


the clash - london calling Buy from amazon
Clash – London Calling (Epic):

This is worth the money just for the remastering of an unreal classic disc. But the added Vanilla Tapes which are demos and outtakes from the recording sessions as well as a dvd of the "making of" make this a mandatory purchase for anyone with a pair of ears…but one will do.

talking heads - the name of this band is Buy from amazon
Talking Heads – The Name of the Band is… (Sire/Rhino):
Finally issued on CD it shows how they have evolved from a four-piece art band to a full sounding "funkified" ten-piece outfit. Disc two has an excellent version of "Warning Sign" as well as the best version of "Drugs (Electricity)".

Live shows:

X – Canyon Club, Los Angeles:
I never thought i’d get the chance to see them play again but…never say never. Belting out tunes strictly from the first four classic releases made for one of the best fan sing-a-long concerts i’ve ever experienced. Exene and John seemed to be having as much fun as I was. X RULES!!!
Stooges – Randalls Island, NYC:
What can you say about THE Godfathers of Punk…it just doesn’t get much better. They played almost all of Fun House and a bunch from the first disc and one from Iggy’s latest. Plain and simple…he’s a MADMAN!!!
Pixies – Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC:
Going with big fans made this real fun. Highlights – "Tame" and "Nimrods Son"…but lacking "River Euphrates". Maybe next time.
The Cramps – Irving Plaza, NYC:
With the Brimstones warming up and Lux being in rare form made for an exceptional show. The set covered a bit from all periods but closing with "Tear it Up" was the superfluous icing on the cake.
The Hives – Webster Hall, NYC:
One of the best frontmen of all time. A showman who knows how to get an audiance crazed with enthusiasm. Can’t wait to see them again.