Mike Miller Poop 03

page one…the old stuff,

piero umiliani – la ragazza fuori strada (soundtrack)

alessandro alessandroni – wizard of sound (compilation)

mondo morricone compilations – 3 volumes

millennio morricone (compilation)

francoise hardy ‘ messages personnels 3cd box

zouzou – integrale

morricone – veruschica (soundtrack)

piero piccioni – il disprezzo (soundtrack)

ana lucia – canta triste

fiore, neve, luna, sole – italian soundtrack compilations on Rambling Records, japan.

the AVANZ label…more Italian soundtracks from japan including the amazing “Kill” score by berto pisano.

armando trovaioli – la matriarca (soundtrack)

various Trojan rocksteady box sets

nick drake lps reissued on 180 g. vinyl

edu lobo, os gatos, early deodato & a lot of other wonderful brazitian music.

paqe two…new stuff

calexico – feast of wire

daniel lanois – shine

burnt friedman – can’t cool

rhythm & sound – with the artists

acoustic dub messengers –

morelenbaum2/sakamoto – casa

robert wyatt – cuckooland

funki porcini – fast asleep

9 lazy 9 – sweet jones

stereolab – instant 0 in the universe

& NOT the adrian sherwood – never trust a hippy cd. soul-less & uninspired. needs the help of some of the brilliant musicians that he’s been lucky enough to be associated with. (& not the white ones either)

and…once again the old outweighs the new. If the trend continues I may not qualify (or future poop lists, i’d rather track down an old gabor szabo lp than dole out the bucks for anything important, then again, the electro-dub rhythms on that “rhythm & sound” cd are very cool & there are at least *2 songs on the wyatt cd that bring tears to my eyes.


mm, cuba, ny