Mike Jurkovic Poop 07

Pondering Onerous Opinions Personally, ‘07

Got retired in October and though I’ve yet to find a groove for myself, I’m just being and having fun looking and listening for that groove. Here’s a few I’ve heard.


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Eilen Jewell – Letters from Sinners and Strangers
Think a choice set list from Dylan’s radio Theme Hours and you’ve got Eilen’s sound.


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Emmylou Harris – Songbird
Three songs into this five disc set and I knew this was top notch PoOp material. I can still get little epiphanies from Dylan, Springsteen, etc, but Emmylou lets me to cry.


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Charles Mingus Sextet – Cornell 1964
Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, & Jack DeJohnette – My Foolish Heart
I haven’t had this much fun with one, let alone two jazz sets in God knows how many years!


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Neil Young – Massey Hall
4 words: Classic Neil. Long overdue.


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Maria Muldaur – Naughty, Bawdy, and Blue
Oh, if only Clapton and Raitt could learn to make blues records like Maria.


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Rachel Ries – Without A Bird
A haunting throwback to when the music mattered. Contemporary rusticity at its finest.


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Ani DiFranco – Canon
Ani looks back and the world gives thanks.


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Warren Zevon – Preludes
Though too many of the greats have gone ahead, I find myself missing Warren more than most.


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Michael Brecker – Pilgramage
Brecker’s final bow could have just as easily been entitled: Endurance.


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Ornette Coleman: Sound Grammar
As daring an elder as he was a lion in his youth.


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Lucinda Williams – West
Not her best but way, way better than most.


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Wilco – Sky Blue Sky
Think ‘American Beauty’ with bits of Bowie and the Beatles. Cool thinkin’, eh?


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Bruce Springsteen – Live In Dublin / Magic
Well, okay, but only because it’s Bruce. . . ‘Live. . .’ has a different but no less visceral exuberance than the U.S. shows. ‘Magic’ has some great songs ‘Girls In Their Summer Clothes’ among them, but the mix sucks.


The Greatest Story Ever Sold – Frank Rich
Read this then meet me on Main Street to take our country back!


Shows ‘07

Early on I had the sneakin’ suspicion ’07 was going to be the year of the great little show. For instance:

Eilen Jewell (Rosendale Café, 2/07 & Turning Point, 5/18) – Watching and listening to a star ascend.
Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams (Rosendale Café, 3/07 & Turning Point, 5/12) -Packed to the rafters both nights with an ‘Alice In Space’ for the ages at Rosendale
Carrie Rodriguez (Rosendale Café, 3/21) – Too cute on the cusp of opening for Lucinda. Another star rises.
Ahmad Jamal Trio (Blue Note, 2/21) – In a word: Whoa! Well, it’s not exactly the smallest of shows but. . .
The Beatles – LOVE (Cirque de Souliel, The Mirage, Las Vegas) BLOTTER AT ITS BEST!!!
Roy Hargrove and His Big Band (Bardavon, 6/8) – Explosive swing and wiry arrangements as wiry as Roy.
Lucinda Williams (Radio City, 3/23) – Be it a broken heart or breaking balls, the lady’s a force of nature. Short show, though.
Jim Coyle (Howland Cultural Center, 5/19) Great songs for us working stiffs. These ain’t a small ones either, but. . .
Bruce & the E Streeters (Asbury Park, 9/24 & Albany, 11/15) – Poopers know I don’t cotton kindly these E Street extravaganzas, but ‘Candy’s Room / She’s The One’ was a ’78 rip both nights. As suspected, the ‘Magic’ songs are so much better live, though some of the E Street subtlety is getting sacrificed for sheer volume. Both encores, featuring ‘Thundercrack/BTR/Darlington County/Dancing In The Dark/American Land’ kicked all ass! Get well, Danny.


Honorable Mention:

Eric Andersen – Blue Rain
Paul McCartney – Memory Almost Full
Ricki Lee Jones – Sermon on Exposition Boulevard
Eddie Vedder – Into The Wild
Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters – Hope Radio (some heavily channeled SRV)
Levon Helm – Dirt Farmer



Zevon, Sly, ‘n Cohen


All The Fuss For What?

Patti Smith – Twelve
Neil Young – Chrome Dreams II


Goodbye & Good Riddance:

To ever seeing Dylan, Neil, and Van Morrison in concert again. I will not give these bastards another deflated, beaten, exorbitant penny that they’ll trade in for euros. If you haven’t got enough money by now without hawking Esplanades or charging a kidney and/or our first born, fuck you. If Springsteen can keep tickets under $100 (just barely w/surcharges) so can you greedy sons-of-bitches.


Teach Your Children:

MP3 sucks!