Mike Jurkovic Poop 06

No collision with a logging truck was gonna keep me from my PoOpy duty.

Em, our music makes us heal.

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Bruce Springsteen & The Seeger Sessions Band – We Shall Overcome (American Land Edition)
Not the best disc of the year (see next entry) but definitely the most honest. Maybe the most honest disc ever.


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Bob Dylan – Modern Times
Does anyone really care to argue this isn’t the best of ’06? If the seemingly throwaway line from ‘Nettie Moore’ “too much paperwork” doesn’t convince you of the man’s sustained brilliance, nothing ever will.


Ani DiFranco – Carnegie Hall, 2005
Discounting the bootlegs, her best live disc since ‘Living In Clip’. I wrote something about it being nuclear, but I’ve since lost the napkin I scribbled in on.


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Eilen Jewell – Boundary County
While reviewing this for the Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange website, I thought, “Man, this woman isn’t pursuing that Americana roots sound. She’s being pursued.” Seriously, check this out.


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Dion – Bronx In Blue
I can’t tell you how many times I tripped over myself telling folks about this one.


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Pretty Little Stranger – Joan Osborne
The songs are so good and her voice is so good and it reminded me so much of those classic Ronstadt albums (peasent blouses not withstanding) that it’s still in my player.


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Peter Rowan – Crucial Country
A ripping live set from Tellurude ’94. featuring ‘Deal With the Devil’, ‘Panama Red’ ‘Howlin’ at the Moon’ & Bill Monroe’s ‘The Walls of Time’.


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Tom Waits – Orphans
Plenty of yowling, howling, and growling on these brawlers, bawlers, and bastards.


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Keith Jarrett – The Carnegie Hall Concert, 2005
Just on the strength of this and Ani’s ’05 show it was a great year for the hallowed hall. Many, many moments of vintage solo Jarrett, especially on Disc 2.


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Rosanne Cash – Black Cadillac
May we all stand this tall when that time comes.


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Kris Kristofferson – This Old Road
If you can’t hear why this made my list, you’re losing your hearing too, my poor little poopers.


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Neko Case – Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
Twin Peaks ambience crisscrosses with Roy Orbison and Neko’s got herself another good one!


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Jodi Shaw – Snow On Saturn
This quiet, lyrical gem from under the radar NY singer/songwriter made me fall in love with the whole female singer/songwriter thing again. Her cover of ‘The Book Of Love’ is disarmingly gorgeous pop.


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Elvis Costello – My Flame Burns Blue
Many heads wagged in disagreement when I said I preferred this set recorded with the Metropole Orkest at The North Sea Jazz Fest than the Toussaint collab. Good as ‘The River in Reverse’ was, it had a familiarity to it. This was something new. Costello’s evolution continues unhindered.


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Paul Simon – Surprise
This makes the ’06 menu not because it’s a particularly great disc, but because Simon still has the balls to step outside himself and create.


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The Beatles – Love
Yea Yea Yea I kinda cringed at the first thought of it too. But it’s so much fun, like a longer version of the Abbey Road medley methinks.


Best shows:
C’mon! BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCE & The SSB 4/20/06 Convention Hall, 1st Rehearsal show (Thanks Bob!)
& 6/22/06 MSG, Debut of ‘American Land’
Bill Maher, The Palace in Albany, 9/29/06
Election night, November 7, 2006

Honorable Mention:
JJ Cale & Eric Clapton – The Road To Escondido
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris – All That Roadrunning (forget the live version)
Cosy Sheridan – Live at The Cedar House
All the Talking Heads remasters
Bar Scott – Parachute
Josh Weinstein – Brooklyn is Sinking

Listen for: Three Ring Circle , IlyAimy, and Bow Thayer’s ‘Summerdress’.

Despite my growing cynicism, all in all, a pretty good year. mj