Michael Hodgkiss Poop ’11

The Year 2011

This year’s picks was simple for me. Well only during the last few weeks of the year when true gems “were dropped” onto the market.I would love to put Numbers 1-9 as only one record, EL CAMINO by The Black Keys, as this recording was the” best of the best” by a mile or two. Nothing was even close for me. You knuckleheads might not agree and offer a differing opinion. However, sticking with tradition and so as not to screw up Mark’s method of accounting I offer the following as 1 through 10.

cover of EL CAMINO The Black Keys  Buy New or Used via amazon
EL CAMINO The Black Keys     (see above) Songs from this record are all over the place. The other night at a New York Rangers game a BK’s tune was played prior to the BlueShirts stepping out onto the ice. Followed by Fox Sports using tunes for football intermissions. Whew, talk about mass recognition, disregarding consumerism. Two shows at MSG sold out in minutes. Welcome to the big league boys.

cover ofTHE WHOLE LOVE Wilco  Buy New or Used via amazon
THE WHOLE LOVE Wilco     I love this band and basically everything they ever recorded, so I am biased. This collection reminds me why I love them; exciting, adventurous and musically sound.

cover of MOCKINGBIRD TIME The Jayhawks  Buy New or Used via amazon
MOCKINGBIRD TIME The Jayhawks     Prior to this release I purchased tixs for One Grand Night featuring The Jayhawks with Roseann Cash at The Beacon. Many songs from this collection were played . Wonderful- 4 out of 5 stars and a great show to boot.

cover of  Buy New or Used via amazon
SMOKE RING FOR MY HALO Kurt Vile     You Were A Tom Boy and I was A Peeping Tom…come’on, gotta love it.Smoke rings for my halo, just think of his genius. Love to toss down a few cocktails with him.

cover of ASHES AND FIRE Ryan Adams  Buy New or Used via amazon
ASHES AND FIRE Ryan Adams     Good to have him back. Truthfully was afraid he had burnt himself out. Proved my doubts as incorrect once again.

cover of GO GO BOOTS  Drive By Truckers  Buy New or Used via amazon
GO GO BOOTS Drive By Truckers     When I mention DBT to friends they say,” Who, What…”. One listen changes everything.

cover of HELPLESSNESS BLUES Fleet Foxes  Buy New or used via amazon
HELPLESSNESS BLUES Fleet Foxes     Didn’t know much about this group but learned a valuable lesson in one play.

cover of BAD AS ME Tom Waits  Buy New or Used via amazon
BAD AS ME Tom Waits     Gone for too long, this return is genius.

cover of BREATHE OUT BREATHE IN The Zombies  Buy New or Used via amazon
BREATHE OUT BREATHE IN The Zombies    Yea, so I’m SIXTY years old and this is the same guys who gave me Tell Her No and She’s Not There in the seventh grade. Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone still have the vocals. Probably taught Steely Dan a thang or two. Saw them live at The City Winery NYC and was BREATHLESS.

cover of LOW COUNTRY BLUES Gregg Allman  Buy New or Used via amazon
LOW COUNTRY BLUES Gregg Allman     My all time fave Caucasian Soul Man. Might be included because I am a ABB fan(atic) but well worth a listen

Enjoy and good health and happiness to all. Johnny Jah,mc