Michael Hodgkiss Poop 02

Alright , so my first and foremost for 2002 was recorded before most of you were born. So what! With all the sampling going on out there who knows what is original and what is new any longer. However, this recording is the real deal. Recorded December 1964, and re-released many times over in vinyl, 8 track, and cassette, this recording gets a new feel for 2002 as a double CD set. Besides the original recording, add all the out takes, plus the only known live recorded version of the suite, and ultimately adding the long time rumoured mystery tracks recorded at a second session the next day with two additional artists. As if that is not enough, throw in the recently published book about this legendary recording, all makes this my favorite package for 2002. A LOVE SUPREME – JOHN COLTRANE.

Next on the list is a download. Even though Bob Dylan is a favorite of mine I had to be literally dragged to see his show at MSG on November 13, 2002. Two friends bought me a ticket so off I went. The show was phenomenal to say the least. After over two hours of Dylan and his band cooking and re-arranging classic Dylan tunes, as well as out “Stoning” the Stones on their own BROWN SUGAR, Bob and the boys do a third encore. The entire tour only two encores were done and the last being (every night) ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER. So with that over I expected to go home. But Bob had one more trick in his sleeve for NYC. He offered to all a memorial to his departed friend George Harrison by doing , with the band, SOMETHING. You can download it from www.bobdylan.com. You will not be disappointed, and will probably add it to your permanent collection.

A double CD set for the price of one is always intriguing. When it is offered by PAUL WESTERBERG, all the better. STEREO was a welcomed addition to the rack. I for one always longed for the return of the Mats but with Tommy in GnR, or well, at least Paul has his integrity. Sure as shit I know most have this on their list, WILCO -YANKEE HOTEL FOXTROT, and why not. It is an aural delight. Strands of Beach Boys, Beatles, Motown, and others can be heard throughout.

When was the last time a great or even very good recording was made by a big band. This year I got two. WHAT GOES AROUND- DAVE HOLLAND BIG BAND. The bassist steps out with, naturally, a big band on all original compositions and arrangements. What a talented bastard. The other is from THE MINGUS BIG BAND-TONIGHT AT NOON , playing every Thursday night at the FEZ in NYC -for the uninitiated.

One of the cats who took me to see the aforementioned DYLAN show also gave me a copy of STEVE EARLE – JERUSALEM, and as he did he said to me what I consider the best review one could make of this recording, “This makes’The Rising’ sound like bubblegum music”… So be it.

RIP JOEY RAMONE, but thanks for telling us DON”T WORRY ABOUT ME. Love all the tunes especially, MARIA BARTIROMO
NEKO CASE- BLACKLISTED, a cool collection of tunes by a sultry voiced angel. Need I say mo’….Ditto, NORAH JONES-COME AWAY WITH ME
DAVID JOHANSEN, again has reinvented himself. This time he is, David Johansen??or is he…Who knows? Who cares?? SHAKER is pretty good.
JORMA KAUKONEN- BLUE COUNTRY HEART a true country bluegrass recording from an (aging) rock legend.
Break away from WILCO, that takes big ones. But to produce THE PALACE AT 4PM (Part1) makes me long for the day PART 2 will be released. Thanks to JAY BENNETT AND EDWARD BURCH.This one spent many hours in the CD player rotation.
FACES AND PLACES- JOE ZAWINUL One of the true fathers of fusion back in the pre Weather Report days with Miles Davis, Joe knows what is good, and this one is. If you motto is,like Frank Zappa once said, “jazz smells funny” avoid this like month old fish.If not, partake my friend.
THE ROLLING THUNDER REVIEW -BOB DYLAN Bootleg Series 1975- just got it the other day and “love it all the money in the world”.Add to that MARYLEE’S CORVETTE-BLOOD ON THE TRACKS.(Check out their website also)

REISSUE OF THE YEAR- Besides the aformentioned COLTRANE how about trying THE BLUES PROJECT This 36 song collection remende me not only how great they were but what they did for music. Way ahead of their time.

How about a commercial plug for my sis-in-laws recording. HUNGRY MARCH BAND-ON THE WATERFRONT. An eclectic group of musicians who dress in wedding attire(Central Park on Mothers Day), marching band outfits on most days, costumes (for the Halloween Parade),whatever as the occasion calls for, and perform as …you guessed it, a marching band. Check em out on WWW.Hungrymarchband.com
Well, here’s to all. Happy Trails.
Johnny Jah,mc.