Kevin Falahee Poop 04


camera obscura - underachievers Buy from amazon
20) Camera Obscura – Underachievers Please Try Harder – file under “Scottish indie rock that once again gets mistaken for Donovan” rock

blood brothers - crimes Buy from amazon
19) Blood Brothers – Crimes – file under “whatever heading you feel fit so long as it is followed by the word ‘core.”‘ rock

head automatic - decadence Buy from amazon
18) Head Automatica – Decadence – file under “white boy dance rock”

The Get Up Kids - Guilt Show Buy from amazon
17) The Get Up Kids – Guilt Show – file under “emo for thirty somethings”

fiery furnaces - blueberry boat\ Buy from amazon
16) Fiery Furnaces – Blaeberry Boat – file under “pretentious but good” rock

loretta lynn - van lear rose Buy from amazon
15) Loretta Lynn – Van Lear Rose – file under “65 and over pin ups”

these arms are snakes - oxeneers Buy from amazon
14) These Arms Are Snakes – Oxeneers or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home- file under “title too damn long” rock

rjd2 - since last we spoke Buy from amazon
13) RJD2- Since We Last Spoke – file under “white boy hip-hop”

the fall - real new fall lp Buy from amazon
12) the Fall – the real new Fall LP! – file under “is this the new liars cd?” rock

arcade fire - funeral Buy from amazon
11) Arcade Fire – Funeral – file under “the new Snapple!” (or the new black) rock

marigold - half winter .. Buy from Tower
10) Marigold – Half Winter, Half Spring in the Unreal City – file under “local artists”

tv on the radio - desparate youth Buy from amazon
9) TV on the Radio – Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes- file under “Rick, when’s my free copy of this coming in?” rock

cocorosie - la maison de mon reve Buy from amazon
8) CocoRoise – La Maison de Men Reve- file under “what does that mean” (if section does not exist, file under “chick stuff”)

mastodon - leviathan Buy from amazon
7) Mastodon – Leviathan- file under “other people like this besides Scott?” rock

elvis costello - delivery man Buy from amazon
6) Elvis Costello and the Imposters – the Delivery Man- file under “is this a concept album?” rock

blnde redhead - misery is a butterfly Buy from amazon
5) Iron and Wine – Our Endless Numbered Days- file under “nu-Drake”

blonde redhead - misery is a butterfly Buy from amazon
4) Blonde Redhead – Misery is a Butterfly – file under “rainy day chick stuff”

ted leo / pharmacists - shake the sheets Buy from amazon
3) Ted Leo/Pharmacists – Shake the Sheets – file under “euphemisms for masturbation” rock

john vanderslice - cellar door Buy from amazon
2) John Vanderslice – Cellar Door – file under “don’t worry, he’s indie” rock

green day - american idiot Buy from amazon
1) Green Day – American Idiot- file under “when did they get so political?” rock


10) Ashlee.Simpson- Pieces of Me
9) Von Bondies- C’mon, C’mon
8) Kanye West w/Twista and Jamiee Foxx- Slow Jamz
7) Coheed and Cambria- A Favor House Atlantic
6) Snoop Dogg w/Pharrell- Drop It Like It’s Hot
5) Elvis Costello w/Lucinda Williams- There’s a Story in Yonr Voice
4) Morrissey- First of the Gang to Die
3) Modest Mouse- Ocean Breathes Salty
2) Jay Z- 99 Problems
1) J-Kwon- Tipsy


5) Isis and These Arms Are Snakes- 12/4/04- Bowery Ballroom
4) My Moniing Jacket and M Ward- 6/1/04- lrving Plaza
3) Wilco- 6/7/04- the Chance
2) the Pixies and Broken Social Scene- 12/14/04- Hammerstein
1) TedLeo/Pharmacists- 7/19/04- Valentines


10) Starsky & Hutch
9) Shaun of the Dead
8) Super Size Me
7) Napoleon Dynamite
6) Bukowski: Born Into Thus
5) Team America: World Police
4) Mean Girls
3) Garden State
2) the Incredibles
1) Closer