John DeLaire Poop ’10

I don’t think I’ll make it this year. I think I’ve heard only one new thing Brian Wilson does Gershwin and Mom said if you don’t have anything nice to say.

Oh wait a minute Crowded House “The Intriguer” sounds to me more of a group effort that a Finn project,very polished, melodic with nothing to hang their heads about. There’s lack of pretense and application of proficient chops I found musically satisfying for pop music which is a feeling I didn’t find much for what was presented to me in 2010.

I find returning to works like Buster Williams “Live at Montreaux”1999 just wets my beak as Mulgrew Miller’s solo’s and interaction with vibraphonist Steve Nelson just swings the leather seats in my Chrysler and is always welcoming on my laptop when I am in a hotel room.

A visit from Bill Evans “Alone” . This album has never been critically acclaimed and is said to have rambling solos. I am just a rambling kind of guy which explains the hotel rooms.

That’s about as Pompous and opinionated as I strive for consistency.

Happy New Year.

All best wishes to all for 2011.

John DeLaire

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