John DeLaire Poop 08

Well you all. It is nice to see you back after another trip around the sun brings us to our annual chance to document our pompous and opinionated selves to the point of inflated ego and shameless self promotion. This year the numbers listing the musical are not for rating purposes but for my inadequate filing system.


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1) Dave Holland Sextet -”Pass it On” 2008
Dave Holland is an impeccable bass player including his bow work. I am sure he learned something about assembling a band for his stint with Miles Davis. The four horns players’ one better than the other play Dave’s compositions with fire and tenderness. The piano intro on track #5 by Mulgrew Miller is a harmonic gem which could stand alone forever.

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2) The Fireman – “Electric Arguments” 2008
Well, well I don’t even know why I bought this album. I had just read and never heard any of this collaboration of Sir Paul and Youth. What I had read I really expected Paul being very curious was dabbling in a Cage -Stockhausen trip but upon listening that is certainly not the case. The first tune he is just rocking. It not as raw as Helter Skelter but he’s got the band riding hard on this rocker. I bought this album without hearing a note and not being a big Sir Paul fan cept for “Give Ireland back to the Irish”. I must say he does work better under other names. This cd is far more adventurous than his last release which was something about memory and a mandolin. There is a tune named Magpie which could have made Rubber Soul. This is well done white European music and fun too.

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3) Miles Davis – “Kind of Blue” 1959
I just got my hands on a 1997 remaster. . This is one of those records which was actual a record for affecionotos to enjoy on their turntables with their warm tubes. I don’t watch many movies twice, what I mean is when browsing my CD collection and come across Kind of Blue it usually winds up in the tray for a couple of days. Upon revisiting the liner notes I find it amazing the pieces were done in one take. The gentle swirl of Kind of Blue should be in the Vatican art collection.

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4) John McLaughlin – “Floating Point” 2008
In the truest expression of give da drumma sum John McLaughlin as a band leader lets the extraordinary drummer Ranjit Barot just wail ever so proficiently throughout the album and he is recorded so well. McLaughlin another Miles Davis alumnus just grows and grows making this entry into his discography so much different from last year’s entry Industrial Zen. There are a couple of sweet ballads in the every so modern sense. Mr McLaughlin is still growing a work in progress for all these years showing no fear of change.

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5) McCoy Tyner – “Guitars” 2008
Yes guitars who would have thought John Coltrane’s piano player would make a record with four guitar players. First of all I must give full credit to the section of Ron Carter and Jack Dejohnette who are just flawless in their performance nothing more to be said. I did find some disappointment as my expectations from the finely produced promotional video had me set up for the second coming which comes close with John Scofields and Bill Frisells comfort in the idiom. I did dig Greensleeves so there are defiantly enough moments to swing my fancy and do a little Mr PC which has nothing to do with political correctness right Paul. Yup a banjo too.

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6) Jack Dejohnette – “ Dancing with Nature’s Spirits” 1996
Well to my delight this is a new one for me one of those that slips through the cracks and quite an accomplishment for the leader Mr Dejohnette was trained as a piano player and he approaches the drums that way. Makes quotes from Cecil Taylor “A piano is nothing but 88 tuned drums” make sense. There is no bassist and it still swings as pianist Cain brings something special to the table. The record is true to it’s title. Very textured and colorful it is.. It’s one of those records where you should use your ears in the same capacity as when using your eyes to observe a fine painting at the Whitney.

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7) Pat Metheny Trio – “ Day Trip” 2008
Man this one is right in the pocket. The rhythm section is just too slick. Antonio Sanchez on drum is nothing but brilliant. Christian McBride fullness and approach just gives Pat the bed to open up tradition without losing sight of roots giving it the feel of 2008 musically moving forward all three. Bravo to a simple trio giving so much.

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8) Chick Corea, Steve Gadd & Christian McBride – “Super Trio” 2006
A super trio they are. I was ecstatic to find this Japanese import of a live performance which would fool you it recorded so well. Man !Chick is Chick the Yamaha Grand sounds like a seven footer’s response to his arpeggios is grand. A combination of the” Friends” Album and “Three Quartets” Christian McBride does Eddie Gomez’s parts and validates his own. Steve Gadd’s revisits of songs some approached with brushes is impeccable exciting
and textured.

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9) Jackson Browne – “ Solo Acoustic Vol 2 “ 2008
Browne is an artist I really didn’t pay much attention to in his hit making years . Just another California band running on empty. Read an article where he went through the whole Warhol scene and thought I’d investigate. I purchased “Solo Acoustic Vol 1” and was pleased and Vol 2 did not disappoint and there is a piano on stage too. Just raw music with a little reverb. I’ve heard some disenchantment with the verbal intros but I find his talent and craftsmanship firmly dispels such discontent.

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10) Walter Becker – “Circus Money” 2008
Well it’s been over a decade since “11 Tracks of Whack” a fine album that still finds it way to my disk tray to this day. I must say lyrically the sarcasms and wit is world class and Roger Rosenberg on reeds is more than proficient. I betting this album was made in Kingston with all the reggae beats but I find this guy is so talented I go back to this one trying to grasp the flavor which I find growing on me.


Well that’s all I got . I had the best intentions last January to segregate the 2008 releases. I did a poor job. Before me I have the Fratellas I’ve never listened too. I did enjoy Steve Winwoods “Nine Lives”. Being turned on to a composer like Estonia’s Arvo Part and the delight I have been receiving from the three cd set of Bill Evans “The Complete Village Vangard Recordings -1961 glasses tickling and all. Wishing all of you a Happy New Year filled with all the things that bring you Joy. Any typo or spelling errors are just there to temper my Pompous and Opinionated ass or I would have taking myself seriously as I will anyway.


Till then, all peace and love from Minneapolis, John DeLaire