John DeLaire Poop 05

Hey ! All the young dudes and those fine ladies also partaking in the 2005 Poop effort. Well there goes another year and the music press is filled with stories about file sharing The big boys are litigating. You don’t litigate Rock “N’ Roll. Try sending me a subpoena. Now on to the real opinionated privileged stuff I got last year.


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1) Petra Hayden — “The Who Sell Out”
I think the album is older than her, no deterent to vocally reproducing the Who’s masterpiece done honestly and faithfully to the original using her voice to sing all the parts, that’s right the drums too. It’s so refreshing and I’m sure father Charlie is done proud.


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2) Stevie Wonder — “A Time To Love”
Well I wish some other Pop Icons would take Lil Stevie’s lead and only put out an album every twelve years or so because it is well worth the wait. There are only a couple of throw away tunes but simply the arrangements are musically impeccable. Mr Wonder’s ease of passion is a welcome to my car sterro.


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3) The Rolling Stones — “A Bigger Bang”
My reality is I stopped listening to this band when Mick Taylor left. I remember hearing singles on the juke box in Max’s Kansas City tunes like” It’s Only Rock N Roll” That’s it for me .Not that Keith has learned any new chords on the new one but Charlie has found a new china cymbal. All and all these ole bastards sound pretty good on digital . As far as I can hear the new tunes aren’t stolen from anyone and I played it more than once.


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4) John Coltrane Quartet — “One Down, One Up”
The jacket reads John Coltrane , if there was ever a quintessential Quartet album it’s this one.. Don’t play this recording for small children as they will attain a thirst for freedom too early for some. At this particular junture The “John Coltrane Quartet peaks as artists right here on this tape from a small club known for it’s veal parmagina sandwiches. Mr Elvin Jones ,an RIP 2005,give the drummer some LAMF, is on fire. The freedom of the pieces are extradited on by the extensive and ferocious solos of the band leader. I would like McCoy miked better but that’s the intimacy of the half Note Club doing a live radio broadcast . The intensity of this live recording will move you physically. The culmination of the Quartet as we knew it.


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5) Kaiser Chiefs — “Employment”
Despite the German name the band is English ,sound English and that’s good. The band will prove to you they know who the Kinks are and pay homage to the Who without imitating. Just gently let you know where they come from or maybe where their parents come from maybe. Hopefully not a sophomore jinks.


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6) Michael Penn — “Mr. Hollywood Jr. 1947”
I wonder if he could kick Sean’s ass ? He is an artist who isn’t afraid to exhibit his roots. The Maclean influence comes to your ears without pretense.


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7) Wayne Shorter — “Nightdreamer”
A Blue note remaster from 1964 remixed by the same engineer. Wayne’s first album as a leader put his boat in the water with mates like Reggie Workman, McCoy Tyner, Lee Morgan, and Elvin Jones. Swinging eloquence and grace that has evolved to today as compositions and arrangements shunning shill .( Say that fast three times)


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8) Art Blakely & the Jazz Messengers — “Drum Suite”

In 1956 this mainly percussion ensemble did the record in one take right into the board. No arrangements,no charts and my musical Friends that’s why the call them PLAYERS. I’ve owned the vinyl for 35 years, ,in 2005 it was remastered with bonus tracks to my delight. A bonus for the ears and to your very soul.


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9) Paul Motian — “I Have the Room Above Her”
Intelligent movement by intelliegent musicians in a free structural arrangement. The dignified approach to playing the’ rests’ on the page is just beautiful thanks to Joe Lavano’s horn work. With Bill Frissel earthy guitar the blend is complete even without a bass player. This is Big Boy stuff lead by the drummer Motian who lays down a rhythmic confidence only to be attained by experience


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10) Ray Davies — “Thanksgiving Day”
There are not too many artist I would buy their much anticipated EP except for this one. Mr. Davies you are well worth the wait. A songwriter extraordeer my man you are a craftsman, a songsmith you are my generation’s Gershwin, Gilbert and Sullivan, and best of all your You. So classy, the proceeds from the sale of the EP go to the musical education of New Orleans youth, a city where you took a bullet for a dame you Walter Raleigh you. The full effort to come soon.


Ok girls and boys I’ve done pooped again and I wish ya all a Happy New Year


All peace and love from the” Heartland” John DeLaire , Minneapolis Minnesota