Jim Meyers Poop ’11

cover of GILLIAN WELCH - The Harrow & the Harvest  Buy New or Used via amazon
1. Gillian Welch – The Harrow & the Harlot Melodic melancholy that sounds sepia tinged and dusty but never depressing. Dave Rawlings is my favorite acoustic guitarist under the age of Richard Thompson. Worth the eight-year wait.

cover of Wilco – The Whole Love  Buy New or Used via amazon
2. Wilco – The Whole Love Jeff Tweedy actually sounds happy, which makes me a bit nervous. Nils Cline fixes it all.

cover of Adele 21  Buy New or Used via amazon
3. Adele – 21 I listened to “Someone Like You” more than any other song this year, with the possible exception of “Rolling In The Deep”. That voice is a force of nature and who among us hasn’t had a shattered heart?

cover of           cover of
Buy New or Used via amazon          Buy New and Used via amazon

4. The Old 97’s – Grand Theater Volume 2 / Rhett Miller – The Interpreter: Live At Largo A welcome return to form from the always interesting Old 97’s and an intriguing all covers solo live show from their locally based leader. The cover choices are impeccable but the arrangements tend to be too similar.

cover of Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Mirror Traffic  Buy New or Used via amazon
5. Steven Malkmus – Mirror Traffic My favorite record of his since Pavement’s heyday.

cover of Yuck  Yuck  Buy New or Used via amazon
6. Yuck – Yuck My favorite Pavement sounding record since the halcyon heyday of 90’s indie guitar rock. Thanks to Bill Still for the recommendation.

cover of Howe Gelb and a Band Of Gypsies  Alegrias  Buy New or Used via amazon
7. Howe Gelb and a Band Of Gypsies – Alegrias It doesn’t surprise me that the Giant Sand recluse recoded with gypsy musicians. Nor am I surprised at how great it is.

cover of Jayhawks  Mockingbird Time  Buy New or Used via amazon
8. Jayhawks – Mockingbird Time Welcome back.

cover of The Feelies  Here Before  Buy New or Used via amazon
9. The Feelies – Here Before Same as it ever was.

cover of Comet Gain Howl of The Lonely Crowd  Buy New or Used via amazon
10. Comet Gain – Howl of The Lonely Crowd Soulful punky populist power pop. Thanks John L.

11. Rolling Stones – Some Girls Deluxe Edition Much better than I had hoped for.
12. Case Studies – The World Is Just A Shape To Fill The Night I bet this guy has an amazing record collection that includes a few classic Glen Campbell LPs. Another Lefsky recommendation.
13. Len Price – 3 Pictures This is the Mod-ern world. How the hell did I miss this last year?
14. Nightmares For A Week – Don’t Die How the hell did I miss THIS last year? It was right in my back yard and it rocks.
15. Blood and Fire All Stars – Singerman! Collection of rare 12” singles from some of the greatest roots reggae singers of the seventies.